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This looks really good and a great deal as well. Check it out.


by Sierra Dafoe

The Dragon's Daughter, Dragon's Heir, Dragon's Desire, Dravidian,
The Dragon Prince,
and Double Dragon all in one e-collection for only $8.99!


Book One: The Dragon's Daughter

2006 CAPA Nominee! Best Fantasy Erotic Romance

Reviewer's Choice award from Road to Romance!

5 Blue Ribbons! "A magical-fantasy tale that is outstanding from beginning to end!" -- Romance Junkies

5 Hearts! "...[A]n exciting paranormal with engaging characters, a great plot and spiced up with some very sensual, sizzling sex scenes." -- Love Romances & More

5 Angels! "Sierra Dafoe has done a tremendous job creating fire-worthy passion." -- Fallen Angel Reviews

For decades, the two most powerful dragon clans have been at each other's throats over one very important question: who will get to marry the Dragon Queen's daughter? Determined to end their feuding, Melgara sends the two young princes to Earth where her daughter, Elara, has grown up in hiding, ignorant of who she is and safe from the bickering that besets the dragon kingdom. The one that wins Elara's heart will be heir to the throne -- while the other will be banished forever.

But when the two princes find her and start vying for her affections, Elara finds herself in a wholly unexpected predicament. On the one hand there's Darrek Hausther, dangerous and dominant and darkly handsome. On the other, there's Rand Aurorea, who is strong and sweet-tempered and red-haired to boot.

How oh how is a girl ever supposed to choose?


Twenty-odd years of wrangling, and it all came down to the same question -- who would to get to marry her daughter?

Sighing, Melgara sat back and rubbed at her temples. Below, at the foot of the dais, the lords Hausther and Aurorea glared up at her, while their sons glared only at each other.

"Allow the challenge, your Highness!" Darmon Hausther demanded, his black eyes blazing. He was lean, hawk-faced, with a high, arrogant forehead and one striking streak of silver in his jet-black hair. Behind him, his son Darrek was coiled like a cat, seeming ready to spring into battle the instant Melgara so much as nodded.


The northern Hausther clan was eternally belligerent; the first, always, to leap to arms, and the last to accept an accord. Well, Darmon Hausther would accept one today, by the Winds. Him and that darkly handsome offspring of his -- whether they liked it or not.

On the other side, Thrand Aurorea stood with arms crossed over his huge barrel chest, his son Rand towering beside like a mountain. Thick, orange-red hair cascaded over the youth's broad shoulders -- the very sign and mark of the Aurorean clan. Where Darrek was lean and fast, Rand was built like a young bull; stolid, massive, and enduring. Looking at him, one would never suspect the lively intellect that lurked beneath that fiery head of hair.

A battle between the two young scions would be more than deadly; it could well be disastrous.

The four clans of her realm were held together by only two things -- the balance of power between them, and the queen's law. Her law. Let these two hotbloods at each other's throats, and within weeks the entire realm would be wracked by war. Gerdain in the west would side with Hausther in the north, and the southlands would ally inevitably with Thrand.

At times, she felt it was like trying to control the Winds themselves. And yet, if she didn't, they would rip the very fabric of their world to shreds. The constant sparring between the two clans had been bad enough, as they'd each tried to gain an advantage in their bid for her daughter's hand. She didn't dare allow it to come to open warfare.

Knowing this day would inevitably come, Melgara Southerlin had watched, and waited, and planned. "No." Her tone was final.

Even Thrand looked surprised. "But, your Highness…"

"I said no, Thrand."

"Then choose, your Highness!" Darmon snapped. "Choose a consort for that daughter who is so precious no one may even see her!"

Melgara let just the tiniest trickle of smoke escape her nostrils and Darmon Hausther stepped back quickly, knowing he had gone too far.

"Or let her choose." The words were spoken softly, and Melgara looked up. Yes, young Rand. She was not surprised, though Darrek's head jerked in shock as if such an idea was almost unthinkable.

That one, she chuckled sourly, has a lot to learn.

"She shall." Immediately, at her words, much of the tension seemed to ease from the room. Melgara held up a hand. "Be warned, however. The one she does not choose shall be banished forever from the four corners of my realm." Rand's blue eyes went wide at this pronouncement, while Darrek's grew darker, till they glinted like obsidian amid the sharp planes and angles of his face. Melgara noted their reactions from the corner of her eyes even as she kept her attention on their fathers. "Do you want the throne so badly now, my lords?"

"Rand, no." Thrand stepped forward. "I cannot allow this."

Rand looked down at his father with a gentleness Melgara observed closely. "If you command, Lord, I will of course obey. But it would grieve me greatly to not be given my chance. And I think," he added, almost offhandedly, "that the lady deserves more of a choice than Darrek."

At that, Thrand gave an approving bark of laughter, while both Darmon and Darrek tensed in fury. Then Thrand pulled Rand close into a hug that cracked the younger man's spine.

What passed between Darrek and his father was silent, no more than an exchange of glances. When Darmon nodded, Darrek drew himself up and met Melgara's gaze haughtily. "Bring her forth, then, and let her choose."

Insolent whelp! Melgara stared at him, raising one regal eyebrow, until finally Darrek flushed and dropped his gaze.

Yet it had been the fire and ferocity of the Hausther clan which had saved them all, in the Zendarian wars. And someday they might well need that ferocity again. Melgara kept her tone mild as she replied, "She's not here."

"What?" Both the older lords started forward in consternation.

Melgara glared at them. " Darmon Hausther. Thrand Aurorea. For over twenty years the two of you have been at each other's throats. Should I have let my daughter grow up surrounded by your petty brawling? Should I have let her become jaded and cynical from being used as a pawn in your power games? Will you dare tell me that you would not have done so?"

Abashed, the two older men stepped back, Thrand's shaggy head drooping. She eyed them coldly. "One way or another, my lords, your feud ends here."

Dismissing them from her mind, she turned to their sons. "You are both resolved?" The youths nodded. "So be it."

She clapped her hands, and immediately an enormous wind sprang up, howling through the confines of the long, vaulted hall. It wrapped itself around the two young men and threw open the massive doors at the end of the hall with a bang. Outside, the world seemed to tumble away from the high perch of Wind Castle, spreading out far below into a tapestry of green, gold and blue. In the distance, the peaks of lesser mountains glinted in the sunlight.

Under the wind's rough hand, Rand's hair tangled into thick, fiery curls, while Darrek's streamed back, long and smooth and black as pitch. They both leaned into the wind like hounds eager to the scent.

Melgara raised her voice over the wind's keening. "It will carry you to the land where Elara has been hidden all these years -- a land that, I warn you, will seem very strange to you. You are forbidden to offer each other any violence," she continued. Both of them glowered rebelliously, and she eyed them sternly. "Do not doubt that I will know. And if you do…" She left the threat hanging. "You may, however, help each other, if you choose."

From the rolling of their eyes, it was clear the two lordlings found that possibility unlikely. Privately, Melgara sighed.

"You shall each have an equal chance to woo and win my daughter. But first -- " She smiled evilly, allowing herself to enjoy this moment. How she had waited and planned for this day!

"First, you will have to find her."

She clapped her hands again, and the wind redoubled, whipping through the vast audience hall with a hungry ferocity. Under its buffeting, the two young lords seemed to shred, their outlines blurring, stretching, spreading until, with a last muscular shudder, two dragons, one deep-chested and red as flame, the other lean, black, and wickedly taloned, unfurled their wings and sprang from the castle into the rushing wind.

Oh, my daughter
, Melgara prayed as they rose, flitting through the cool, clean air, all my hopes rest on you. May you find joy enough now to make up for all your years of exile!

The hall seemed preternaturally quiet after the fury of the wind. Below her, Darmon Hausther shifted, already impatient.

"What now, your Highness?"

"Now?" She settled back, enjoying his discomfiture, and smiled coldly. "Now, my Lord Hausther, we wait."

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