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Well, I grew up in FL and have lived here my whole life. As such I have not seen snow since I was about 6 years old. My children have also not seen snow so Hubby and I decided to take a trip after Christmas to see snow. We travelled to Chatanooga, TN and then over to Pigeon Forge, TN to see and play in snow. We had such a great time.

We drove out to Smokey Mountain National Park and drove out to Cade's Cove. The drive out there was beautiful. There were a lot of ice warnings out which made me nervous and so glad that i was not driving, but Hubby did just fine. The only time we had a real issue was when someone on the two lane river road decided to stop in the middle of the road and take pictures instead of pulling off at one of the designated pull off areas. Once we stopped we got stuck on ice and spun for a bit until the wheels caught.

It is a 24 mile drive along the river road to get to Cade's Cove (which is a dri
ving tour of 11 miles through the forest). The drive was gorgeous and I took lots of pics but will not inundate you with those.

When we got to Cade's Cove, the trail was closed to traffic because of the snow and ice. but there was a nice area you could get out and play and you could walk a ways down the trail if you were so inclined. So we made our first snowman (the girls and mine), I think we did a good job :)

Pigeon Forge was fun to go to, but a major tourist trap. Our opinion was that it was worse than Orlando and that is pretty bad. There is nothing wrong with it but with the back drop of the
beautiful mountains, it just made everything seem so fake. We want to go back and do the trip again in the summer and also in the fall when the leaves change.
Hope everyone else had a great vacation too!



Comment by Tracy on 1/02/2011 12:52 PM

Glad you had fun! Those are some great pictures.

A happy and healthy new year to you and your family!

Comment by ~ames~ on 1/06/2011 6:20 PM

Nice pictures Kris!!

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