Even Vampires Get the Blues

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Even Vampires Get the Blues by Katie MacAlister

Funny book. It continues on her vampire series (A girl's guide to vampires; Sex and the single vampire; sex, lies and vampires), but they do stand on their own. This is the story of Scottish Dark one, Paen Scott, and a half-elf named Samantha Cosse. The H is the typical dark and brooding H we all love, in a kilt. Yes, he does where a kilt at one point in the story (a true Scotsman too). The other characters were great. I loved Sam's cousin because everyone has or knows one of those flighty but very well-meaning friends.
The story has Sam, who has recently left (asked to leave) Diviner School and is now opening her own investigative business. Her job and knack is to find things. Paen goes to her needed her to find a certain statue to save his mother's soul from being forfeited to a demon. (It does sound kind of weird when explaining plot, but it is very good.) With well-meaning friends, demon interference and love what can go wrong?

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Forbidden Magic

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Forbidden Magic by Cheyenne McCray
This book was very steamy and very good. I think this is her first mainstream book, her other books are published by Ellora's Cave. I cannot wait for the next book, but it does not come out until October. It is called Seduced by Magic. The only thing I did not like about it was all the rituals. It was a little too real, I like to keep magic in the realm of fantasy.
The story is about a witch named Silver Ashcroft. She is a gray witch in hiding (pretending to be a white witch so she will not be banished from her coven). To protect everyone from a hord of demons that has invaded San Francisco, she goes against her coven's wishes and summons the Tuatha D'Dannon, fae warriors. She summons Hawk, (who also comes against his chieftain's orders) who agrees to help her fight the demons. It is a battle of good against evil and the line that separates the two.

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Share the Darkness

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Share the darkness by Jill Monroe
This was a great little book. Characters that made you empathize with them, suspense, love, good sexual tension and lots of ice.
Ward is a FBI agent undercover at a law firm where someone is funneling government money through. Hannah is the computer specialist for the firm and a suspect, as much as he does not want her to be, because of her suspicious behavior. Things ignite when they are trapped in an elevator together.


Bad boys in kilts 2

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I just went over to Donna Kauffman's site and she is releasing Dylan's story early next year. The title is The Great Scot. She has the synopsis and back cover on the front page of her website at


Bad Boys in Kilts

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Bad boys in Kilts by Donna Kauffman

This book was great. It was three stories about 3 brothers (there is a fourth brother but I don't think he has a story yet) in a little village called Glenbouie in the highlands of Scotland. The stories were great. As always with anthologies I wanted them to last longer, but the characters were great and made me laugh.
The first story is about Brodie (who runs the local pub and "hotspot", Hagg's Pub) and his childhood companion and best friend, Kat (who is a mechanic, I thought that was cool). Kat has loved him for years and Brodie finally gets a clue.
The second story is about Reece (who runs the family whiskey distillery) and Daisy (who is an American just moved here to find a slower paced lifestyle). Daisy is a marketing expert who goes to Reece to offer her services and the sparks fly when they meet.
The third story is Tristan (a shepherd and land manager for the family lands). Bree is an Midwestern American who is searching for privacy from the press after writing a bestselling book. She crashes her car by Tristans house and tristan offers her sanctuary.


Perfect Weapon

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Perfect Weapon by Amy J. Fetzer

This bok was an excellent romantic suspense. There was alot of action, but was easy to follow. The sex scenes were Hot. She did a great job on the characters. It wasn't love at first site, but they grew to respect one another before they "got together". Amy Fetzer has become a new fav author.
The story is about a scientist Dr. Sydney Hale who is working on a project to counteract a deadly gas. Her lab is attack and everyone killed but she escapes into the arms of Jack Wilson, USMC captain, who is hunting in the area with friends. The two of them fight to stay alive as they try to save her research from the hands of terrorists.

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White Lightening Road

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White Lightning Road by Harry Gilleland Jr.

I read this book this week and though that it was pretty good. I thought that the plot was good and the story in itself was good, I wish that the characters had been developed a little more. On the whole I enjoyed it though.
The story is actually two stories about two friends (Jennifer and Sally) that grew up in big cities then their parents moved them to a very rural area in Louisiana. So they bonded as they pined over what they were missing. The story takes place 10 years after they had both graduated and immediately left for bigger and better things. Circumstances have brought them back to their little town and things start to happen to Jennifer. "Soon she is embroiled in a mystery involving her neighbor Michael Garrott, a man widely believed to be an unpunished murderer. Thus begin the romantic adventures of both Jenny and Sally. It is a tale of mystery and romance." (from the book cover)


Wildest Dreams

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Wildest Dreams Wildest Dreams by Janice Maynard, Morgan Leigh and LuAnn McLane

All three stories were very good. Janice Maynard's story, I found out as I was reading, goes before her book, Suite Fantasy because it is Sebastian's story who owns the hotel. The other stories were good, I am not sure if they go with other stories or not.


Sword of Darkness

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Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor

This is her first book in the Lords of Avalon series. It seems to be more of a Sherrilyn Kenyon book to me, but that doesn't really matter. I enjoyed this book a lot. It kept me interested and made me care about the characters. I can't wait to read the rest of the books now. Kerrigan is a great bad good guy. (if you can follow that) Seren shows him goodness for the first time in his life and it changes him. Now in real life I don't think this would work, but it is a good goal to have as long as you don't loose yourself in the process.

The story takes place in Camelot with a heavy magic twist. It is actually like a couple hundred years after Arthur took the throne. But the fight continues between good and evil in the shape of the left over Knights of the Round Table and Merlin (who is a woman), and the bad guys Morgan (Morgana) and her champion, the Kerrigan. Kerrigan kidnaps Seren who is supposed to be the mother of the next Penmerlin (takes the place of the current Merlin to let her retire). During her imprisonment he sees how pure she is and falls for her, though he won't admit it. The problem is that he is supposed to kill her and if he doesn't, Morgan will.

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Dark Demon

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Dark Demon by Christine Feehan
Finally got this from my library, there was a wait. It answered a lot of questions I had about exactly where she was going with the story. All I was seeing from the other books was rabbit trails and half formed story lines, but this answered some of the rabbit trails and brought them together (i.e. the crystal cave in Joie/Traian's story, Colby's story in general, vampire's "coalition", The Dragonseekers role in the world). The story was fast paced and kept you involved. I loved the heroine, she was kick-butt and Vik accepted it. I liked that. A Carpathian actually let their lifemate fight.

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Lost Warriors

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Lost Warriors (American Hero, Conard County) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 535)
Lost Warriors by Rachel Lee. I found this at my local ubs in the 6/$2.00 pile and grabbed it because I like Rachel Lee. I was not disappointed. It is part of a series/collection that takes place in Conard County, Wyoming. The hero, Billy Joe Yuma is a Vietnam vet that suffers from PTSD and the herione is Wendy Tate who is the daughter of the sheriff, a trauma nurse and 20 years younger than Yuma. She has been in love with him since she was a teen, (but was understandable rebuffed by Yuma because of her age and his issues) and is back now at 24 with some world experience in the ER and supposedly over her childhood crush. I like the book a lot because I have not read any books where the hero is a Vietnam vet or suffers from PTSD. I don't normally read the older Harlequins. So this was a nice change and a very good story.


The Island

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The Island (Mira Hardbacks)

I liked this one. I like most of her books usually and this was one. This one is about a diver named Keith Henson and a social coordinator for a yacht club named Beth Anderson. She and her brother and niece go to an island for a weekend getaway. There end up being others on the island with presumably the same idea and while walking she finds a skull/head in the sand. Understandably freaked she goes to get her brother but when they return it is gone. Keith is also on the island with friends but for other purposes. They go through the book trying to figure out what is going on (she of course suspects Keith while fighting her attraction). It was good and kept me guessing till all was revealed at the end.
Also Ashley and Jake from Graham's book Picture me Dead appear in the book. Ashley and Beth are best friends.

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Lover Eternal

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Lover Eternal: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Signet Eclipse)
Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

I loved this book. It is the second in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, the first is Dark Lover. I don't know how I am going to wait until September for the next one. The characters were awesome, and the story line is great and keeps you glued to the book. Rhage and Mary were great H/h combo. I think I cried at one point. Definitely a keeper and I am glad that I broke down and bought it.
Rhage finds himself attracted to a human named Mary (who is struggling with cancer) and tries to protect her from himself by staying away, but as most bad guys who find their true love, he can't. She gets targeted by the really bad guys and moves in with Rhage for safety (at his insistence). This does not go over well with everyone else.

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Dark Lover

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Dark Lover: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Signet Eclipse)

Dark Lover by J. R. Ward was excellent. It is her debut novel and I could not put it down. It is the first of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I love the characters and want to know what happens to them. The are all alpha men but can still take orders from the king. And they all have redeeming qualities as well as faults. I have to scrounge up some money now to go hit wally world to get the next book in the series, Dark Eternal.
This one is Wrath and Beth. Wrath is left to care for a friend's half-vampire daughter, Beth, who is about to go through her change to become a vamp. He wants to be able to ignore her but he finds that he cannot.

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Suite Fantasy

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book jacket
Suite Fantasy by Janice Maynard. This was the first book by her that I read. It was a collection of three stories that revolve around this hotel called The Simitar that caters to fantasies (they have special rooms for different fantasy situation i.e. schoolroom, jailhouse, drive-in, harem). I thought that it was very good. It kept me interested and was hot. The characters were hot sexy and sweet to each other. I like that combination. I will have to keep an eye out for her books now.


High Intensity

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High Intensity
WHAT IS HIGH INTENSITY? Silken Caresses. Steak bomb sandwiches. A hot press of lips. A haunted chef. Seductive touches in the dark. Spirits who gobble the haute cuisine. A master strategist. A miscreant ghost. And a very, very fat cat. Join the most sizzling, provocative physicist to ever solve a case or heat up a bedroom and his equally passionate partner as they investigate the perfect equation for love! Tyber and Zanita invite you to come along for their madcap, sensual journey into high intensity . . .

High Intensity by Dara Joy is the sequel to High Energy. It, like the first was very entertaining. It is the continued story of Tyber and Zanita as he tries to get her to set a date for their wedding. I loved the colorful characters of the book. They cracked me up. It is nice to see a hero interact with a heroine who keeps him guessing and not be condescending to her. He loves how her mind works and it never fails to surprise him. They have a great chemistry and I loved it. I will definitely have to track this down at my local ubs.

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Master of Wolves

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Master of Wolves (Berkley Sensation)

Master of Wolves by Angela Knight was awesome. It was a great addition to the Mageverse series. I am excited, I went out and bought it so I could read the entire series in one swoop. It was great to be able to do that. The others in the series are

Hot-blooded (anthology)
Master of the Night
Bite (anthology)
Master of the Moon
Master of Wolves

This one is about Jim London (werewolf and brother of Diana from Master of the Moon) and cop Faith Weston. A friend of his is murdered and he goes undercover as a K-9 dog to investigate. He is partnered with Faith (who knows nothing of his true nature) as his handler and tries to protect her from everyone else on the police force who are slowly becoming allies with the vamp in town. Then Faith gets bitten.
The next one Master of Swords comes out in October, I cannot wait.

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Star Trilogy

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The Star King
The Star King
book jacket The Star Prince
The Star Princess The Star Princess
book jacket The Star Queen (in anthologyThe Only One)
Just finished these. They are great scfi-fi romance. good characters, definite Alpha males. Gotta love em. I am glad that I broke down and bought them. They are a good addition to the library.


Devil in Winter

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DEVIL IN WINTER  - Wallflowers #3 - Purchase Online Secure!

Devil in Winter (Wallflower Quartet)

After finishing this book, I want to run out and get the rest of the series (this is the 3rd in the Wallflower series). It was excellent. I have not read a good historical in a while (lately I have been reading Paranormals and contemporary), it makes me think about reading some more in the future.
It is a historical that takes place in England and Evie Jenner goes to the rakish Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent and makes him a deal he cannot refuse, to marry her and save her from her family and fill his hurting coffers in the process. Her father, who owns a gambling establishment, was in the process of dying and the family wants her to marry her repulsive cousin to keep the money in the family. She has a condition though to save her heartache, she agrees to sleep with him on their wedding night to consumate the marriage, but never again after that. He agrees thinking that he could find his pleasure elsewhere, but he does not think that after their wedding night.



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book jacket
I finished this one today. It was pretty good. It was your basic romantic suspense set on a ranch. Someone is killing people, the hero is being accused. Not my favorite book, but it was decent. To me it was too predictable and that bugged me.

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Crimson Rogue

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Crimson Rogue (Crimson City)

Last night I finished Crimson Rogue by Liz Maverick. I think that it is the last in the series, but I hope not because it leaves one of the couples hanging. I know that it would be a good ending because not everyone is going to get their soulmate, but that doesn't mean I have to like it when they don't get them. I would have enjoyed the book more if I had been able to read the books one after another because I was 20 pages into the book before I could place the main character to the first book. It was good I just needed to read them all in a row.

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book jacket book jacket

I just finished Underworld and Underworld: Evolution which are novelzations of the movies. They are both very good. I have not seen Evolution yet, but I liked the book. I almost always enjoy the book better, even if it is based on a movie and written after the fact. You get a better insight into the characters, I think. You understand better what exactly was going through their minds and how they felt. or sometimes you realize you missed something in the movie that you caught in the book, I have done that before too. There is another book that goes with this series, that i have, but have not read yet called Underworld: Blood Enemy. It starts out before Evolution but then talks more about the history of the coven and the war. So it is more of a prequel to the series. I will write about it after I have read that one too.

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High Energy

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High Energy
Zanita Masterson quickly overcomes her lack of interest in science when a reporting assignment leads her to Tyberius Augustus Evans, a blue-eyed, brawny professor with a winning formula for romance.

I read an oldy yesterday High Energy by Dara Joy. My library has the second one the series, High Intensity, but not the first. I happened to pick up a copy at a used bookstore and finally read it (so now I can read the next one). It was interesting. It ws fun to follow the hero's thoughts and verbage. He is a physics guru, whose name is Tyberius, and enjoys being with the heroine, Zanita, who is so non-linear and quirky he never knows what she is going to do next. It reminds me of me and my hubby, I tried to explain my thought process to him one day and he asked me never to do that again because I just confused him more. I enjoyed this book a lot because I could picture my hubby and I having some of the same conversations. It was a fun (and steamy) read.

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I won a book!

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CUFFS AND COFFEE BREAKS - Valentine's Day Is Killing Me (2005) - Purchase Online Secure!

Valentine's Day Is Killing Me

I won a book!!!!!! I never win anything. I am so excited and I have not read this one yet so that is even cooler (as opposed to already owning it). I did not even know that I won, it came in the mail today. I have to go read it after I put the kids to bed. I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch of the Day

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I just finished Catch of the Day by Marcia Evanick. I picked it up at the library for a light read and change of pace from paranormals. I like to vary my genres occasionally. This one was surprisingly good. I don't think that I was expecting that. I enjoyed it and actually almost teared up at a couple places (hormones on the rampage maybe). I really liked it and would recommend it as a good contemporary small town romance.
It is about a chef, Gwen Fletcher, who comes to small town, Maine to open her own restaurant. The building that she buys needs many improvements and she hires Daniel Creighton, carpenter, to do the repairs and improvements. The other characters in the book were very fun and colorful.


When good things happen to bad boys

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WHEN GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD BOYS (2006) - Purchase Online Secure! When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys
I just finished this anthology and it was very good. Lori Foster's story was cute and funny with her great steamy scenes. Erin McCarthy' story was short, but sweet with funny baseball metaphors (the hero is a pro-baseball catcher). HeleKay Dimon I had never read anything by before, but was pleased. I enjoyed the characters and wanted it to be a little longer to develop the story line a little more though.


Two before the blog, Hunger like No Other and Dead and Loving It

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I wanted to write about two books I read just before I started this blog. They were both excellent so I wanted to write about them. The first on was A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other (The Immortals After Dark Series, #1)
A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER - Purchase Online Secure! It was great. The world that she has created was new. I liked the addition of the Valkyries to the paranormal world. The story that comes before this is a short story in the anthology Playing Easy to Get (Myst and Wroth's story; also very good, has Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jaid Black as well). The two stories are written during roughly the same time frame so you catch glimpses of the other story and ones to come, I like that. The love scenes were hot and the story line flowed well. I enjoyed this book very much. I think that this world that she has created has a good future. This was Emmaline and Lachlain's story.

The other book was Dead and Loving It by Mary Janice Davidson
book jacket

Excellent. I want to run out and buy it. (though i love my library). It combines her werewolf series and her undead series. It consists of 4 short stories, all have werewolves, two have vamps the last story taking place in Betsy's house (Undead series). All were excellent. I could not put it down. I love werewolf books. It was funny and sexy at the same time and I love that about her books. I would definitly recommend this one.
The last story gives you Antonia (Wyndham series) and George the Fiend (Undead series). The other stories are in their world but not anyone mentioned before. Alec Kilcurt (were) and Giselle (human); Richard Will (vamp) and Janet Lupo (were); Dr. Drake Dragon (were) and Crescent Muhn (not gonna tell)

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Parallel Attractions

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PARALLEL ATTRACTION - with Autographed Bookplate - Purchase Online Secure! Parallel Attraction (Signet Eclipse)
I just finished this book and I loved it. I could not put it down. It is a great sci-fi romance with nice twists and characters to keep me interested. The romance was very sweet and hot, but not cheesy like some can be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next book.
This was Jared ( the reluctant king/leader) and Kelsey's (a student geologist) book.

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touch of evil

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Book Cover

I just finished Touch of Evil by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. It was pretty good, but hard to get into for me. I am not sure if it was my mood or the writing. The world was good with the vampires or Thrall being actual parasites that took over a person or Host's body. I likes that twist on the theme. And they added the werewolves to help. I love shifter romances, I think because they are very physical due to their nature. okay, back to the book. I liked their other books that I read (Hunter's moon and moon's web), but I remember having the same problem of getting into the books. Once I got into them they are all good, it is just getting there. I think because there is no introduction to the world you are just kind of dropped into it. Most authors will ginve you some run down of players first off, but in this book there isn't until a 1/4 to 1/3 of the way through the book. And you don't get the heroine's history until 3/4 of the eay through the book. Some times I like that, I guess this time I was not in the mood to wait.

Are there any books that you have had problems getting into and pressed on and liked anyway? or didn't?

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