High Energy

4/05/2006 09:25:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

High Energy
Zanita Masterson quickly overcomes her lack of interest in science when a reporting assignment leads her to Tyberius Augustus Evans, a blue-eyed, brawny professor with a winning formula for romance.

I read an oldy yesterday High Energy by Dara Joy. My library has the second one the series, High Intensity, but not the first. I happened to pick up a copy at a used bookstore and finally read it (so now I can read the next one). It was interesting. It ws fun to follow the hero's thoughts and verbage. He is a physics guru, whose name is Tyberius, and enjoys being with the heroine, Zanita, who is so non-linear and quirky he never knows what she is going to do next. It reminds me of me and my hubby, I tried to explain my thought process to him one day and he asked me never to do that again because I just confused him more. I enjoyed this book a lot because I could picture my hubby and I having some of the same conversations. It was a fun (and steamy) read.

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