High Intensity

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High Intensity
WHAT IS HIGH INTENSITY? Silken Caresses. Steak bomb sandwiches. A hot press of lips. A haunted chef. Seductive touches in the dark. Spirits who gobble the haute cuisine. A master strategist. A miscreant ghost. And a very, very fat cat. Join the most sizzling, provocative physicist to ever solve a case or heat up a bedroom and his equally passionate partner as they investigate the perfect equation for love! Tyber and Zanita invite you to come along for their madcap, sensual journey into high intensity . . .

High Intensity by Dara Joy is the sequel to High Energy. It, like the first was very entertaining. It is the continued story of Tyber and Zanita as he tries to get her to set a date for their wedding. I loved the colorful characters of the book. They cracked me up. It is nice to see a hero interact with a heroine who keeps him guessing and not be condescending to her. He loves how her mind works and it never fails to surprise him. They have a great chemistry and I loved it. I will definitely have to track this down at my local ubs.

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