Count to Ten

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Well Fay is raining on us and won't quit. She needs to move herself out of here. Luckily, I am not flooded where I am but there are many others that are. Schools were closed on Tuesday and the day was pretty until the evening. My neighbor was out mowing his lawn that morning. Today on the other hand, is gross. It has not stopped raining or blowing wind gusts everywhere all day. Today would have been the day to cancel school. The poor kids at school were so water logged and cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be wet as well. Ugh.

Count to Ten
Count to Ten by Karen Rose


In all his years in the Chicago Fire Department, Lieutenant Reed Solliday ahs never experienced anything like this recent outbreak of house fires – devastating, vicious and in one case, homicidal. He has another problem – his new partner, Detective Mia Mitchell. She’s brash, bossy, and taking the case in a direction he never imagined.


Mia’s instincts tell her the arsonist is making this personal. And as the infernos become more deadly, one look at the victims’ tortured faces convinces her and Reed that they must work closer to catch the killer. With each new blaze, the villain ups the ante, setting firetraps for the people Reed and Mia love. The truth is almost too hot to handle: This monster’s desire for death and destruction is unquenchable … and for Mia he’s started the countdown to an early grave.

Very good book. I heard about this from a few different readers (nath sticks out for one), thank you for the suggestion. I loved this book all the way through. The suspense was good, the parts narrated by the villain were not snooze-worthy (i.e. the lessers of JR Ward) and the romance was very nice.

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Bound by the Past and stuff

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Well, the first day of school went well for me, but not so well for my oldest. Hubby got in the van to take her to her first day of 1st grade and the van would not start, the battery was dead. As he is discovering this the bus that picks up by our house passes by. So she spent her first day at home. Meanwhile we have TS/Hurricane Fay coming so there is no school tomorrow and probably not the next day as well. So she will not start school until Thursday, she is so disappointed.

Bound by the PastBound by the Past (Ties that Bind Book 2) by MacKenzie McKade

Years of neglect and disappointments have molded Jessica Evans into a strong, independent woman, determined to live life by her rules. The only place she’s willing to relinquish control is in the bedroom. Even then, it’s only on her terms.

A safety net of multiple partners keeps anyone from getting too close. That is, until one sexy cowboy throws a snag in that net, big time. Not only does Wade Peterson make her body burn, he’s crossed the line. The damn man wants to marry her.

For Wade, sharing her with another man is almost more than he can bear. But if he pushes too hard, he could lose her for good—something he refuses to allow to happen. Jessie’s rejection isn’t the end of it, not by a long shot. He’s back, and he’s hell-bent on seducing her right back into his wicked arms.

Then her past comes back to drop a bomb in her lap, and Wade sees a part of her he didn’t know existed—and another obstacle that could drive her to push away her only chance for love.

I won this book this week from Fatin at Novel Thoughts. I originally thought it was a menage book, but it is not. It has menage scenes, but then it is just the H and h. I enjoyed this book. It just came out this week from Samhain. The first half of the book I was so frustrated for Wade, and irritated with Jessie for not talking to him, but I knew there was a reason for it and it worked out in the end (of course). There were nice love scenes and a good storyline. Very good book altogether.

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Into the Fire and Death Angel

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As of 9:30 tonight, I have air!!!! Yay!!

Into the Fire (Troubleshooters, Book 13)Into the Fire (Troubleshooters Book 13) by Suzanne Brockmann
Vinh Murphy–ex-Marine and onetime operative for the elite security firm Troubleshooters Incorporated–has been MIA ever since his wife, Angelina, was caught in a crossfire and killed during what should have been a routine bodyguard assignment. Overcome with grief, Murphy blames the neo-Nazi group known as the Freedom Network for her death. Now, years later, Freedom Network leader Tim Ebersole has been murdered–and the FBI suspects Murphy may have pulled the trigger. To prevent further bloodshed, Murphy’s friends at Troubleshooters scramble to find him and convince him to surrender peacefully.
Murphy himself can’t be sure what he did or didn’t do during the years he spent mourning and lost in an alcohol-induced fog. He does know he occasionally sought solace from Hannah Whitfield, a former police officer and the very friend who’d introduced him to his beloved late wife.
But Hannah, still grappling with the deafness that resulted from an injury sustained while on duty, was fighting her own battles. For years Hannah had feelings for Murphy, and one painful night their suffering brought them together in a way neither expected–and both regretted.
Murphy is ready to rejoin the living. As always, he finds himself knocking on Hannah’s door, and as always, his longtime friend welcomes him back into her home. Yet even as Murphy slowly rebuilds his splintered life, he continues to fight his growing feelings for Hannah.
Then he learns of Ebersole’s murder and comes to believe that the Freedom Network has targeted him–and Hannah–to avenge their leader’s death to violence. Now Murphy must face the terrifying prospect of losing another woman he loves.
As the Troubleshooters desperately search for him, Murphy races toward a deadly confrontation with the Freedom Network and ultimate choice: surrender his life in hopes that Hannah will be spared, or risk everything to salvage whatever future they may have together.

Loved this book. It was a great addition to the series. I am glad to get Vinh's story, I felt so bad for him when Angelina died. It took me a while to realize how long it had been in the timeline since that happened. As for the secondary story, I had a little issue with the age difference between Izzy and Eden Gillman. But I got over it, I liked to watch their relationship and the misunderstandings before they figured out their feelings. Dave Malkoff blossomed in this one as well.
If you have not read these books they are great. They do not necessarily have to be read in order but it adds a lot if you do read them in order.

Death Angel: A Novel
Death Angel by Linda Howard
A striking beauty with a taste for diamonds and dangerous men, Drea Rousseau is more than content to be arm candy for Rafael Salinas, a notorious crime lord who deals with betrayal through quick and treacherous means: a bullet to the back of the head, a blade across the neck, an incendiary device beneath a car. Eager to break with Rafael, Drea makes a fateful decision and a desperate move, stealing a mountain of cash from the malicious killer. After all, an escape needs to be financed.
Though Drea runs, Salinas knows she can’t hide–and he dispatches a cold-blooded assassin in hot pursuit, resulting in a tragic turn of events. Or does it?
Left for dead, Drea miraculously returns to the realm of the living a changed woman. She’s no longer shallow and selfish, no longer steals or cheats or sells herself short. Both humbled and thrilled with this unexpected second chance, Drea embraces her new life. But in order to feel safe and sound–and stop nervously looking over her shoulder–she will need to take down those who marked her for death.
Joining forces with the FBI, supplying vital inside information that only she can provide, Drea finds herself working with the most dangerous man she’s ever known. Yet the closer they get to danger, the more intense their feelings for each other become, and the more Drea realizes that the cost of her new life may be her life itself–as well as her heart.

Good story. I was not sure if I would like this one, but I heard good things about it and grabbed it. I enjoyed it. There were some slight paranormal elements in it halfway through and that is always a plus for me. Always interesting to see a "bad" guy as a hero. Reformed men are always great heroes.

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Cry Wolf and Strength of the Pack

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Well, so far I still have no air. :( Luckily it has rained most days which makes it cooler in the evenings. I have called the air people and twice now, they have said that they will find out how long and call me back. Have they called back? No. I also have left repeated messages on their answering machine, have they called me back, No. It is irritating.
I go back to school tomorrow for pre-planning. Another school year starting. Don't know if i am ready for it.
I hope everyone is doing well out there.

Update: The air people finally called back!! They are coming out Tuesday morning. YAY!!!!!

Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega, Book 1)
Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega Book 1) by Patricia Briggs
Anna never knew werewolves existed until the night she survived a violent attack…and became one herself. After three years at the bottom of the pack, she’d learned to keep her head down and never, ever trust dominant males. But Anna is that rarest kind of werewolf: an Omega. And one of the most powerful werewolves in the country will recognize her value as a pack member—and as his mate.

Technically I guess this is book one, so I guess that would make the first story a prequel. But if you have not read the first story in the anthology On the Prowl, you should read that one first. This series takes place in the same world as her Mercy Thompson books, this is kind of a spin off of that series. Some of the characters cross over but Ms Briggs says that most likely Anna and Mercy will never meet. If you are big on chronology (which I am) this book takes place between Moon Called and Blood Bound.
I loved this book. I thought it had a great storyline, great characters and great romance. If you have not read this or the Mercy books, you need to get your bookstore quickly. :)

The Strength of the Pack (Strength)
Strength of the Pack (Strength Book 1) by Jorrie Spencer
Since his sister disappeared, Seth has lived in solitude. Despite his deep need to be part of a pack, he sets himself apart from werewolf and human alike. When he hooks up with his teenage crush, loneliness and physical desire overcome his distrust. Jamie welcomes his attentions, and Seth rationalizes they can have one night together before they part. However, Seth and Jamie's bond runs deeper than he knows. He cannot return to the shadows. Yet exposure may bring danger to them all.

I have had this one for a while and started it once, but got side tracked. So I picked it up again yesterday. It was pretty good. I am not sure exactly what it was but there was something that did not click for me. I liked the storyline, I liked the characters, maybe it was just that I liked it but did not love it. I am not sure.

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Turbulant Sea and my horrible life :)

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Well, still no air. We have a bunch of fans we are using and the insurance company gave us $150 toward a portable air unit. So we bought a window unit but unfortunately it is not working well because of the size of our room, we have vaulted ceilings and it is so hard to cool. It is currently 89 degrees in my living room and that is with the air and fans running. We went to the mall today to get out of the house and into air conditioning. Hopefully they will show up tomorrow to replace the unit.
On a similar note I have decided that the fates are against me this week. On Monday, my toilet in my bedroom overflowed unbeknownst to me and flooded my bathroom and the carpet that is right outside the bathroom. Now since I have no air to help dry it out and fans only do so much in this humidity it smells like mildew in my bedroom.
And my week gets better (not).
Yesterday, I went to Home Depot to get the window unit and when I came out, the lady in the car parked in front of me informed me that a shopping cart had hit my car and showed me a really deep scratch in the front corner, then veered off and hit her car and broke her headlight cover. So then we spent the next hour (with three kids in the car, luckily they had toys) talking to insurance and the manager. This is not my week and it is only Wednesday.

Turbulent Sea (Drake Sisters, Book 6)Turbulent Sea (Drake Sisters Book 6) by Christine Feehan

The star: Joley Drake was born with a legacy of unexpected magical gifts, but it was the gift of singing that made her an overnight sensation—a rock and roll goddess trapped by fame, fortune, and ambition. Heated by the flush of success, Joley could have any man she wanted. But there’s only man who can give her what she really needs.

The bodyguard: Ilya Prakenskii, cool, inscrutable, dangerously sexy, and working in the shadow of his infamous reputation—that of a secret Russian hit man on the payroll of a notorious mobster. He’s the last man Joley should get close to, yet when her life is threatened on tour she has nowhere left to turn. But in the seductive safe keep of Ilya’s embrace, is Joley really as secure as she imagines?

Okay, the second to last book in the series. Very good! I have given up on the Dark books, but I am loving this series. I enjoyed this book all the way through. I loved Joley and Ilya, they were great characters as were all the abnd members. There was some action and good romance. Nice balance of everything for me. You got to see all the sisters and their hubbys in this one except Elle. She was MIA the whole book, so I have no idea where the next story will start.

If you have read the story, I was so sad for Brian. I hope we hear more about the band members in the next book (just snippets of how they are doing and stuff).

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MIA and stuff

8/04/2008 03:26:00 PM / Posted by Kris / comments (7)

Sorry, I have not posted lately. The baby is doing well. The doc put her on soy formula because she had diarrhea and was not gaining enough weight. She is doing well now and has passed her birth weight. She is now 8lbs 12 oz. She sleeps well most nights so that is nice.

Current news and why I will probably be MIA this week is that our air conditioner broke. Totally sucks. Last night we spent the night at a friend's house and the air conditioner people came out today to look at our unit. They official pronounced it dead and so it needs to be replaced. The catch is that because of paperwork and insurance and other stuff that will probably not happen until Friday. Originally when we called the insurance company they told us that the air conditioner people would call us sometime today to set up an appointment for this week. So I called the air people this morning myself to tell them I needed to get someone there today because I have a newborn in this really hot house. They came out an hour later. The guy told us to call the people who are replacing the unit tomorrow morning to get them to push the paperwork through to get the new unit ASAP, but it still is going to take a few days. So I am currently sitting in a very hot house (it still is cooler in our house than outside). I think we might spend tonight at our friend's again and then use fans and stuff for the next night or so and hope they come early, or break down and go to a hotel. I cannot foist myself, Hubby and three kids (including crying baby) on my friend's hospitality for more than that long.

Done with the rant. Have I ever mentioned that i HATE spiders. Well I do. Hubby knows this and when he was cleaning out the garage failed to mention the hand sized spider he saw and then lost while he was cleaning. Luckily he knew better than to tell me about it. Laundry would have never gotten done. A couple days after he saw it we pulled up the driveway from running an errand and it was on outside of the garage door, easy kill. Of course I would not leave the car until he killed it. The thing was huge.
Fast forward to two days ago.
I open the door to the garage from the kitchen to go change laundry and son (the size of my palm) was walking on the door. I slammed the door shut and locked it. Run back to get hubby and he tells me to wait a minute so he can finish what he is doing on the computer. I go back to the kitchen to work on dishes and continue to eye the door, and the cat door at the bottom, totally picturing this huge spider pushing through and coming in that way. He finally comes out and opens the door, and of course, the spider is gone. He looks around, which is seriously more than I would have done. He found it and used my shoe to kill it, my hero. :) Of course I am still freaked out by this thing and so he stays out there with me while i changed the laundry to stand guard :)

Well, that is my life at the moment. I am still reading lots. but probably won't get to review them all. I just bought Wolf Cry by Patricia Briggs and finished it today. I am halfway through Bound by Shadow by Anna Windsor. Lately, I have read Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas, Letters to a Secret Lover by Toni Blake, Susan Krinard's historical werewolf series, Into the Fire by Brockmann, Darkest Night by Gena Showalter and If Angels Burn and Private Demon by Lynn Viehl.

Hope everyone is having a better week than me. :)