Count to Ten

8/21/2008 06:06:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Well Fay is raining on us and won't quit. She needs to move herself out of here. Luckily, I am not flooded where I am but there are many others that are. Schools were closed on Tuesday and the day was pretty until the evening. My neighbor was out mowing his lawn that morning. Today on the other hand, is gross. It has not stopped raining or blowing wind gusts everywhere all day. Today would have been the day to cancel school. The poor kids at school were so water logged and cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be wet as well. Ugh.

Count to Ten
Count to Ten by Karen Rose


In all his years in the Chicago Fire Department, Lieutenant Reed Solliday ahs never experienced anything like this recent outbreak of house fires – devastating, vicious and in one case, homicidal. He has another problem – his new partner, Detective Mia Mitchell. She’s brash, bossy, and taking the case in a direction he never imagined.


Mia’s instincts tell her the arsonist is making this personal. And as the infernos become more deadly, one look at the victims’ tortured faces convinces her and Reed that they must work closer to catch the killer. With each new blaze, the villain ups the ante, setting firetraps for the people Reed and Mia love. The truth is almost too hot to handle: This monster’s desire for death and destruction is unquenchable … and for Mia he’s started the countdown to an early grave.

Very good book. I heard about this from a few different readers (nath sticks out for one), thank you for the suggestion. I loved this book all the way through. The suspense was good, the parts narrated by the villain were not snooze-worthy (i.e. the lessers of JR Ward) and the romance was very nice.

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Comment by nath on 8/21/2008 8:54 PM

Glad you enjoyed the book!!!

I'm also really glad to hear that you're okay and safe! I didn't know Fay was raining on you!! Hopefully, she moves away quickly!

Comment by Stacy~ on 8/22/2008 7:20 AM

I've never read anything by Karen Rose. Maybe one day I will...

Comment by Maija on 8/22/2008 1:35 PM

Rose's books are the only romantic suspense books I have ever enjoyed :) I don't usually read or like the suspense part in romance stories but her books have always entertained me...

Comment by Brie on 8/25/2008 3:57 PM

I've had Die for Me in my TBR for months now. I hear really good things about Karen Rose and have no idea why I haven't read the book yet.

Comment by Kris on 8/26/2008 2:05 PM

Thaks for stopping by everyone. i think I am going to try Die for Me as my next Karen Rose read. :)

Comment by Christine on 8/28/2008 12:53 AM

Hi Kris!
Hope you're drying out by now and life is getting back to normal.

I have Scream for Me in my TBR but hear that it follows Die for Me, so I want to read that first. Definitely blog about Die for Me if you read it! Please. ;)

Comment by ames on 9/01/2008 10:40 PM

This is my fave Karen Rose book. So glad you enjoyed it too. :P Weren't Mia and Reed the greatest?

Comment by Kris on 9/02/2008 3:06 PM

Christine - I will let you know. The library already has it checked out to me, I am just waiting for it to come.

ames - they were great, I love Reed he was awesome.

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