Kindle giftcard score

6/05/2011 05:20:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Well I got some unexpected money and treated myself to a kindle gift card and had a lot of fun. I spent it in about 2 hours. I bought:

Grady's Awakening by Bianca D'Arc (already finished it :)
Adrien English Mysteries Book 1 and 2 by Josh Lanyon
Colters' Lady by Maya Banks
Trinity by Lauren Dane
Dare to Believe by Dana Marie Bell
Northern Exposure by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon
Wicked Garden by Lorelei James
Playing the Field: Faceoff by JM Snyder
Wicked Sexy by RG Alexander
Wicked Bad by RG Alexander
Bless the Beauty by Stacey Kennedy
The Geek Job by Eve Langlais
SEALed Forever by Mary Margret Daughtridge



Comment by nath on 6/18/2011 6:13 PM

Woohoo, it's always fun to have a bit of money to spend on books! :) I hope you enjoy them all :) I don't think I've read any... so anything I should get? :P

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