October reads

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I treated myself to a Kindle gift card this month so bought a bunch of ebooks and sailed through them

Laid Open (Brown Siblings #5) by Lauren Dane - Love this series and love her writing, she is an auto-buy for me.
Whirlpool (Forces of Nature #2) by Vivian Arend - Nice addition to the series, I look forward to reading more.
Divine Phoenix (Divine #10) by Heather Rainier - I have not read the others in the series but felt this was able to be read as a stand alone easily.  Decided to buy it after reading Judith's review at Book Binge here.
Colors of Love (Speed #2) by Jess Dee - Interesting book, was expecting a menage ending but it wasn't
Kissin' Tell (Rough Riders #13) by Lorelei James - Not my favorite in the series but it was okay.
Wicked Release (Wicked #3) by RG Alexander - seemed very disjointed.  I need to re-read it to see if it was my frame of mind or if it was the story itself.  I enjoyed the other two (the first is still my fav), I hope it was just me
Everything Nice by Mari Carr - This was the second in a duo (I have not read the first - Sugar and Spice, I was in the mood for a menage story).  I enjoyed it, Ms Carr is another author that I really enjoy her stories.  

Board Resolution (Knights of the Boardroom #1) by Joey W. Hill was a free ebook from Amazon so I grabbed that and then had to re-read the next two stories in the series that are in the Laced with Desire and Unlaced anthologies.

Archangel's Storm (Archangel Book 5) by Nalini Singh - Got it from the library until I can buy a copy.  Had been looking forward to Jason's story and was not disappointed.  She was a different heroine and I really liked her.  She is not a kickass heroine but has her own strength and inner steel from her past and has had to learn to pick her battles the hard way.

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson - Love it, will post a longer review soon.

I read about 9 other ebooks as well.  None that were awesome enough to mention though.  Mostly freebies from Amazon.

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September reads and mini reviews

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OMG, so did not realize that i had not posted this yet.  It has been done and just sitting here (bad blogger).

Again, did not read many physical books.  I have read about 9 ebooks.  I will mention two of my favs this month were Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey and Roped by Ann Jacobs.  Both free downloads from Amazon when I got them.

These were the ones i got from the library
Gunmetal Magic (World of Kate Daniels 1) by Ilona Andrews
Back in the kate Daniels world but the main character in this story was Andrea.  The novella at the end of the book gives you Kate's perspective during Andrea's story.

Bared to You (Crossfire Book 1) by Sylvia Day
Very emotional book.  There are discussion questions in the back of the book, I thought that was interesting.  The way this book ends, it leaves room for more of them in the next books, they still have issues and have not resolved all of them which I think is kind of a nice change.  Instead of having the characters live HEA after 200 pages, I know that I will get to watch them work out more of their issues in the next book.  There are moments when I want to smack both of them but they are both coming from abusive backgrounds that leave some serious scarring and that is not going to be resolved in the two weeks that this book takes place over and I am kind of glad of that.  More realistic.

If You Can Hear Her by Shiloh Walker
This I have mixed feelings about. I thought it was well written and I liked the characters but it did not fully end and I have to run out an get the next book because they still have not gotten the bad guy.  The main couple in this book intrigued me because she is blind and i love characters who have a impairment they have grown to stand tall with and the man or woman with the depth to look past the physical (can you guess that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale).  But this is the first in a trilogy and it is not a hardship to go get the next book, it is just driving me crazy who the bad guy is.  Ok off to the library for the next book.

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