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This is for Nath's Re-read Challenge. I have been a slacker and did not post my re-read from last month, you were not missing much because my re-read was a DNF. This month however was much better. I love Lori Foster and was wanting to reconnect with her books. So I grabbed The Winston Brothers off my bookshelf.

Product DetailsThe Winston Brothers by Lori Foster
This book is a single author anthology of three of her novellas previously released in separate anthologies. There is another book in the series called Wild. More recently all four stories were released as one book called Wildly Winston.
I cannot find a good summary of the stories. So I will briefly summarize.
Tangled Sheets - Cole Winston has been taking care of his brothers since their parents died but now it is time for him to care for himself. And he has decided that Sophie is the woman for him. But she is too shy to talk to him. so she invents a fictional twin sister to bolster her courage.
Tangled Dreams - This story has a paranormal bent to it. While Chase is working Halloween night at the bar he can suddenly hear Allison's thoughts and they are centered on him and what she wants to do to him. She has some ghosts that want her to find her passionate side, and she wants Chase to help her find that.
Tangled Images - Mack is the youngest of the family. He is trying to get a job teaching but is going though red tape at the moment. So in the mean time, he agrees to help Sophie by posing for pictures for her catalog for her store. Little does he know that the photographer is the woman that he was lusting after in college. Jessica wants very little to do with him, but her wants to convince her otherwise.

Great book I am glad that I grabbed it for this re-read. when I think of Lori Foster I expect a nice solid contemporary read. This one delivers. It stays on my keeper shelf.

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Comment by nath on 6/01/2009 12:25 AM

Hmmm, I know I have this one on my shelves, but I can't remember reading it ^_^; I might have read only one of the stories - is there one where the hero falls in love with an older woman? Or perhaps I read Wild and bought this one, but never got around to read it.

Hmmm, I guess I should :P Glad that this month was better!

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