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One of my absolute favorite hero archetypes is the sexy nerd. I married one and some of my favorite books have nerd heros. But I have not read a good nerd hero story in a while and when I was reading the Liquid Silver Newsletter I was reminded of them from this article by Michelle Lauren.

Hot Hero Archetype: The Sexy Nerd
Once upon a time, the heroes I read about in mainstream romance novels fell into two categories: The Playboy or the Jock. Nerds were either sidekicks or impotent foils to the hero. They generally weren’t considered “leading man” material, in fiction or in film. However, in 1987 something happened to change my mind.
Two words: Patrick. Dempsey (a.k.a. McDreamy).
In Can’t Buy Me Love, Dempsey plays Ronald Miller, a high school student obsessed with astronomy and with winning the heart of the most popular girl at school. After seeing him in his infamous car washing scene I knew I had to rethink my opinion of nerds.
That was the day that “geek” took a new meaning to me: sexy. So, why exactly are nerds sexy? Let me count the ways.

Top Four Reasons Why Nerds Are Sexy:

1. They have great imaginations.

Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds said it best: [After making out with his sorority girl crush Betty] “Jocks only think about sports; nerds only think about sex.” Combine this with the fact that many “nerds” are quick learners, and you have the perfect recipe for passion.

2. They might secretly be superheroes.

Think about it. Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Bruce Banner, Hiro Nakamura – all nerds. Coincidence? I think not.

Okay. So in real life, this doesn’treally apply. However, in fiction this possibility opens up the door to unique plot twists and character development.

3. They have better sperm.

Seriously. A 1985 study conducted by researchers led them to the conclusion that “brainy men do have better sperm.” This study was later referenced in a December 2008 paper by London scientists whose findings concluded what I’ve known all along: intelligence is sexy.

4. Intelligence.

Romance depends on more than animal attraction. A true “happily ever after” relies on the hero’s ability to connect with the heroine on an emotional and intellectual level.
Happy Reading!
- Michelle Lauren

Now can anyone give me some recommendations of good nerd heros. I need to get a nerd fix and my hubby is out of town.

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Comment by ~ames~ on 8/10/2009 10:40 PM

Did you read Nora Roberts Vision in White? That hero was nerdy. I like nerdy heroes too.

Comment by Kris on 8/11/2009 7:36 AM

I actually have that one in my tbr pile. I got it from the library because i heard good things about it. Cool. I might have to just break down and grab it. I was trying to wait until i finished Aussie Rules because I d not like reading two of hte same genre at the same time because then I get storylines confused but I might have to make an exception. thanks ames :)

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