Laced with Desire

2/19/2010 07:58:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

I have a guest review of Laced with Desire anthology up at Book Binge here. It was a great book, check it out.

No Strings Attached by Jaci Burton

Jaci Burton breaks the rule of mixing business with pleasure when two professional rivals cross paths at a tropical resort. She figures she can handle a fling with no strings attached. He's out to show her that she figured wrong.

La Petit Mort by Jasmine Haynes

Jasmine Haynes explores the lust of a former supermodel who needs to finally fulfill a no-holds-barred sexual fantasy. Finding two men to do it with is easy. But are they up to giving her all the pleasure she's been denied?

Honor Bound by Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill reveals the erotic bond between a master and the beautiful submissive who stole his heart. Recapturing their night of unparalleled passion won't be easy—until a specific piece of lingerie comes into play.

Rhio's Dancer by Denise Rossetti

Denise Rossetti goes beyond the limits of desire when she pairs a battle-scarred veteran of love and war with a woman who's just as fearless and twice as dangerous. What happens between them is positively combustible. But what a way to go.

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