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I love many things about April but one of the things I have learned to love about it is All Romance Ebooks does a month of free books, one each day to feature a certain series, so they give you the first book in the series for free. Which is great for me who loves series and an awesome promo for them. If they can get you hooked on the series then you will be back. Well this go round i have found a couple of new series and authors that I am looking forward to reading more by them, so it has done its job :)

Wolf Signs (Granite Lake Book 1) by Vivian Arend (ebook) (A)
Restless Heart (Heart Book 2) by Emma Lang (A)
Coin Operated (Dirty Laundry Book 1) by Ginny Glass (ebook) (B-)
Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands Book 1) by Cherise Sinclair (ebook) (A-)
Angel's Master by Sandra Sookoo (ebook) (C+)
A Savage Lust (Pride Brothers Book 3) by H.C. Brown (ebook) (B)
Past Pleasures by Charlotte Stein (ebook) (DNF)
Acting Naughty (Action Book 1) by GA Hauser (ebook) (B+)
Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour Book 1) by Olivia Cunning (B+)
The Lone Warrior (Four-Sided Pentacle Book 3, but it is the 5th story in the series) by Denise Rosetti
Arrow's Flight (Valdemar Book 2) by Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
Arrow's Fall (Valdemar Book 3) by Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
By the Sword (Valdemar (Reign of Selenay ) Book 4) by Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
Chains (single author anthology) by Shiloh Walker (B)
Winds of Fate (Valdemar (Reign of Selenay) Book 5) by Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
Winds of Change (Valdemar (Reign of Selenay) Book 6) by Mercedes Lackey (re-read)

17 books this month

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