9/01/2006 07:13:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Wild Wild by Lori Foster

We return to the Winston brothers to see the last one fall to the "Winston curse". It was a great book, I enjoyed it alot. It was nice to be able to read about all the brothers one after the other. I would say if you have the ability, read them all at once. This book also sets up their cousin, Joe Winston, for his own book, Say No to Joe? which is also the beginning of the Visitation books.

Zane Winston is working in his store one day when the gypsy (Tamara Tremayne) from the new age store next door comes in and says, "I want you." That is the opening of the book and it does not stop there. After he gets to know her a little better, he finds out that someone is trying to run her out of town by forcing her to sell her store. This of course does not go over well with Zane.



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