The Winston Brothers

8/30/2006 08:56:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

The Winston Brothers by Lori Foster

This is a collection of three stories about three of the four Winston brothers. (The fourth one, Zane, has his own book called, Wild.) They were great as is Ms Foster's usual quality. I just wish they had been longer, but if that was the case, I probably would have been annoyed at all the not needed stuff. Great book, now I am off to read Wild.

The first story is about the oldest brother, Cole Winston. He owns and runs a bar called Winston Tavern with the help of his other brothers. The four are the most sought after bachelors in Thomasville, KY. He is attracted to shy demure Sophie who likes him as well, but is too shy to admit it. So she invents her "twin sister" to come to town to seduce him for her.
The second story is about quiet Chase Winston. He is the bartender of the bar and an excellent listener. His story has a paranormal element in that he is spontaneously (there is a reason but you have to read it to find out) able to hear the thoughts of Alison (works for Sophie at her boutique) and realizes that she is attracted to him.
The third story is about the youngest Winston, Mack. He is trying to get a teaching job, and while he is waiting he gets wrangled (by his sister-in-laws) to be a model for Sophie's boutique. He agrees and goes to the photo shoot only to find out that the photographer is the woman that he lusted after in college.



Comment by nath on 9/01/2006 3:16 PM

I should get that one... I have Zane's story and I've been wondering about his brothers... did you enjoy it?

Comment by Kris on 9/01/2006 8:02 PM

Yes I did, very much, I just posted about it.

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