Kiss of Fate

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A Kiss of Fate (Putney, Mary Jo)Kiss of Fate by Mary Jo Putney
I read this because it comes before Stolen Magic and I hate reading things out of order (and ironically enough realized I had already read this one a long time ago), but then when I read the Author's Note at the end I found out there is another Guardian story before this one in an anthology called Irresistible Forces, which is about Adam and Isabel Macrae. So now might have to find that one. I really enjoy this world that she has created. These books give me my occasional historical need and still fill that paranormal aspect I love.

Gwynne Owens, daughter of an English Guardian, has grown up as a scholar of the group's lore, though she has few powers of her own. An early, platonic marriage left her a wealthy widow, and though she values her independence, she finds it hard to resist her attraction to Duncan Macrae, a Scottish mage who is adept at manipulating the weather. As Duncan aggressively courts Gwynne, the winds of war between England and Scotland grow stronger, along with the Guardian council's sense that a catastrophe is imminent. Gwynne eventually marries Duncan, but when the uprising of Bonnie Prince Charlie occurs, she realizes she must betray her husband, who has aligned himself with his countrymen. (summary from Publisher's Weekly)

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