The Marriage Spell

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The Marriage Spell: A Novel The Marriage Spell by Mary Jo Putney
Great book. This is NOT part of the Guardian series (Kiss of Fate and Stolen Magic) like I though it was, though it is a historical paranormal. Though I enjoyed this I thought that it dragged a little in the middle until he got to his ancestral home, I was expecting him to get there quicker than just the last quarter of the book. And I guess I just wanted there to be more intrigue or something into his magic blocks and such.

In this alternate England, magic is extant, but shunned by the upper classes. So much so that there is a boarding school that the ton send their heirs/sons to to snuff any magic skill out of them. They instill a distain toward magic from a young age. Jack Langdon (heir to Lord Frayne) is one such, when his father could not beat the magic out of him, he sent him to Stillbrook Academy. Now as a soldier in the army, he has a great distain for wizards. Then he has a fatal accident near the house of wizard healer, Abigail Barton. Her price for saving him is marriage. She saves him and realizes that he has a great deal of untapped powers. They marry in spite of what the ton will think and say. Now they face all the wagging tongues together and find out why Jack has such a revulsion to magic.

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