Beauty and the Spy

8/10/2006 11:54:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Beauty and the Spy (Warner Forever) Beauty and the Spy by Julie Anne Long

Another cute historcal, I have enjoyed all of her book so far, they have been nice and lighthearted which is what I need after all the paranormals I read. This one is the beginning of a series, the next one is Ways to be Wicked and it comes out in October. The series is about three girls (Sabrina, Sylvie and Susannah) whose father is killed and mother is accused of murder so the girls are split up and raised separately.

Susannah Makepeace's father dies and leaves her penniless and his sister asks her to come live with her to keep her company. So Susannah ends up going from being a sought after young lady of the ton to living with a widowed aunt in Barnstable. Enter Viscount Kit Whitelaw who has been ordered to Barnstable by his father for bad conduct. He has been a spy for his country, but has offended one too many people lately and his father has put his foot down. "When odd accidents follow in Susannah's wake and an ex-fiancé pops up with a most improper proposal, Kit's spy senses start tingling. For what better mystery is there for England's greatest spy than the secrets of the delectable puzzle that is Susannah?" (from the book cover)



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