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Catspell Catspell by Colleen Shannon

I think I liked this one. It is related to two of her other books that I have not read by the secondary charater of Shelly Holmes, who is a psychic detective (investigates things that are supernatural/paranormal).

By day Arielle Blaylock is a proper Victorian daughter. By night she is being seduced in her dreams by two very different men. She cannot see their faces, but but knows that one is her love and the other is evil, but she doesn't know which is which. By day she is being courted by Luke Simball and Seth Taub. By night she is being courted by a dark lion and a bright lion. Shelly Holmes is brought in by Arielle's father to try to help his daughter exorcise her dreams. What they don't know yet is that Arielle is coming into her legacy from her Egyptian mother who could shapeshift into a lioness.

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