The River Devil

8/07/2006 05:34:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

The River Devil The River Devil by Diane Whiteside

This is the sequel to The Irish Devil and is about Viola's brother Hal. It was excellent as well. I cannot wait for the next one, The Southern Devil (about Morgan Evans). This one was set on a riverboat on the Missouri River.

Rosalind Schuyler is on the run after her father dies and Nicholas Lennox ( Paul's younger brother from The Irish Devil) wants to marry her (then kill her). The daughter of a railroad baron, she hids the last place people will look, on a riverboat, as a poker playing gentleman. Hal Lindsay owns the riverboat that she is hiding on and sees through her disguise. To help her disguise he takes her on as his "cub" (kind of like an intern to teach her/him how to steer and such) by day and she willingly goes into his bed by night.



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