Out of the Darkness

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Out of the DarknessOut of the Darkness by Jaci and CJ Burton
Harlee has lived as a human her entire life, working as a psychiatrist on a secret government project evaluating captured werewolves and vampires. Then one night two strangers jerk her from her bed, blindfold her and turn her world upside down. She is taken deep into the realm of lycans and vampires and told an unbelievable story—that she is the daughter of a forbidden union between a vampire and a werewolf and now possibly the future leader of both their clans. She doesn't believe them. Vampires and werewolves are the enemies of humans. She hangs onto her humanity, her one and only goal to escape from her sexy and enigmatic captors before she loses her heart and possibly her very soul. The vampire's and the lycan's goals are entirely different—to mate with the fiery beauty and determine whether her dominant blood is vampire or werewolf. One merely desires her. One will claim her for all eternity. But dark forces turn what begins as a search for identity into a struggle for survival.

I won this at Jaci's Blog and was very excited. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the storyline and the sex was very HOT. The characters got me involved and I looked forward to finding out the ending. There is a menage scene, but she ends up with one of them for a mate. The who done it aspect was good as well. Someone is trying to kill off high ranking people in both groups and I had suspicions but no positives about who was doing it. Very good book.

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Comment by Stacy~ on 3/27/2008 7:13 AM

I like Jaci's books, and though I'm not a big fan of werewolves, I do like vamps, and may need to get this one. Another great review - you say a lot with so few words. I like that *g*

Comment by Bev(QB) on 3/28/2008 9:12 PM

HAHA- what a coincidence! I won this one at Jaci's blog awhile back too!

I keep hoping that someday soon Charlie's muse nudges Jaci's muse and says "So ya wanna do it again?"

BTW, that cover pic? It's actually Jaci and Charlie (aka Biker Dude). The first time she told me that, I thought she was joking. But, nope, those two are HOT together!

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