Sorry so long

3/11/2008 08:06:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Sorry it has been so long since a post. Been Busy. My oldest turns 6 this coming weekend so we have been trying to get our backyard read for that. Then my oldest had the 24 hr flu this weekend. To top it off, when I took her to the doctor on Monday, turns out she has Strep Throat as well. Luckily the youngest has not gotten wither yet, but I am waiting for that she to drop. It is probably waiting until her sister's B-Day party this weekend to truly mess me up. I have been reading though. I will probably end up posting them as lightening reviews because i am so behind on my posts. Hope everyone else is doing well.

PS. I found this through Lauren Dane's Blog. It is a post that Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote on her MySpace page and it was very touching, I cried. Check it out.



Comment by Jenster on 3/11/2008 9:33 PM

Wow. I had no idea. I knew she lost her mom a couple years ago and I think I knew about her brother, but as to the rest? No idea.

Comment by Kris on 3/11/2008 9:47 PM

I know, me neither. I was shocked and impressed by what she has done.

Comment by Stacy~ on 3/12/2008 7:11 AM

I didn't know any of that. Incredible what she's been through. Kinda makes my complains seem silly. Thanx for posting this Kris.

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