Any Given Doomsday and a meme

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Ames tagged me with a meme. This is a fun and easy one.

Here are the rules:
Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 56. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your journal/blog along with these instructions.

Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the closest. Tag five other people to do the same.

Here was the closest book to me:
His face was bleak and I had to resist the urge to reach out to him once more. As he'd said, when we touched, bad things happened. I did not want to see again that flash of fang ; I didn't want to catch a whiff of blood.

I tag whoever else wants to participate who has not been tagged yet.
And the book happened to be this one:

Any Given Doomsday (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) by Lori Handeland

Elizabeth Phoenix once used her unique skills as a psychic to help in the Milwaukee Police Department’s fight against injustice. But when Liz’s foster mother is found viciously murdered—and Liz is discovered unconscious at the scene—her only memory of the crime comes in the form of terrifying dreams...of creatures more horrific than anything Liz has seen in real life. What do these visions mean? And what in the world do they have to do with her former lover, Jimmy Sanducci?

While the police question Jimmy in the murder, Jimmy opens Liz’s eyes to a supernatural war that has raged since the dawn of time in which innocent people are hunted by malevolent beings disguised as humans. Only a chosen few have the ability to fight their evil, and Jimmy believes Liz is among them. Now, with her senses heightened, new feelings are rising within Liz—ones that re-ignite her dangerous attraction to Jimmy. But Jimmy has a secret that will rock Liz to her core…and put the survival of the human race in peril.

I got this as an ARC from LibraryThing. I am not positive how I feel about it. I really liked most of it. The characters were interesting and I was enjoying the storyline. Until I got to a part toward the end that had a forced seduction scene and I was not too thrilled about that. I have never been crazy about those, too close to rape. He was not in his right mind but still too close for me. This book is definitely not for everyone. It is the beginning of a series and there is no definite HEA yet. She sleeps with someone other than the hero which I know a lot of people who do not like that. Of course, I am not positive who her hero is going to be. I am curious where she is going to go with the storyline.
Besides the sex I was very interested in the storyline. I know that is so backwards for me, go figure. Because of this I am not too sure how to grade this one.

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Comment by Bev(QB) on 10/05/2008 5:51 PM

You know, I didn't really pay much attention to this one when it was announced because I saw the word demon associated with it, rolled my eyes at yet another author jumping on the Demon Train, and that was that.

Yet lately I've been hearing some good buzz about it. People seem to really like it. And, if I'm understanding you correctly, YOU liked it too except for the scene that happened to press one of your hot buttons.

So I have one question (okay, two) that may decide if I try it or not--- are the demons in this story the good guys or the bad guys? And if they are the good guys, who is their enemy-- other supernaturals or humans?

Comment by Kris on 10/05/2008 7:00 PM

Backstory: God closed the gates to heaven to the angels who had fallen (Nephilim) and they continued to mess with the humans. The real reason that God flooded the earth was to get rid of most of the Nephilim. It worked, it killed about 90% of them. The rest are still out there. The Nephilim come in the form of werewolves, vampires, pretty much all your supers except fairies. They call all the bad guys demons. Some Nephilim have procreated with humans. Some of the half-breeds have gone bad but some are fighting for the good guys (humans). These half-breeds have some of their parents powers, but usually not all or a watered down version. But more than the average human. These are called demon killers or DKs.

Does this answer your question? Sometimes I tend to give way TMI

Comment by Bev(QB) on 10/05/2008 7:06 PM

Not only did you answer it, but you made the book sound MORE interesting! Thanks!

Comment by Stacy~ on 10/06/2008 7:04 AM

I think I'm set with enough paranormals for right now, and based on your uncertain feelings for it, I probably won't be picking this one up.

Comment by nath on 10/06/2008 9:33 AM

Hi there Kris :) Well, we've already discussed this, LOL :) I don't know... personally, one of my main issues is that she suddenly becomes the leader of the war... meh LOL :)

Comment by Brie on 10/06/2008 2:05 PM

I have this one, but decided not to read it yet. Most of the reviews I've come across have been discouraging. I don't think that this book will be one I like.

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