Nauti Intentions

4/29/2009 11:09:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

[nautiintentionslg.jpg]Chantal, Ames and I have a joint review of Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh up at Breezing Through. I liked it more than they did, but that is okay. :) You can read it here.



Comment by Carolyn Crane (aka Carolyn Jean) on 5/11/2009 7:13 PM


I am finally mailing out prizes from my contest last month. Did I ever get your address?

if not...congrats YOU WON!! If so, can you send again?
You won Rough Raw and Ready by Lorelei James. If you have already gone out and bought it, though, we can work out a replacement!!!

carolyn7000 (at)

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