The Women and Winds of Catawba and a Giveaway

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A friend from church gave me these to read and pass on. The sequel was written by the first author's daughter after her death. These are inspirational romance so language is PG in nature but there are still some mature subjects addressed so Iwould not let anyone under mid-teen read them. I enjoyed them. I was told to pass these along after I was done so I will pick a commenter from this post Monday night (July 13th) and announce on Tuesday. If you know someone who might like these books please send them over. My first giveaway, I need to do more of these...

PS. My baby turns 1 this Friday!!!!! I will make sure I post pics of her.
PPS. I have a guest review of Animal Attraction by Charlene Teglia up over at Book Binge

The Women of Catawba/a Novel The Women of Catawba by Hilda Stahl
From the author of the White Pines Chronicles comes an exciting tale of five courageous women and their fight to build a plantation home in the raw wilderness of South Carolina. Set in post-Revolutionary War days, Women of Catawba is an inspiring story of men and women whose faith, strength, and capacity to love are tested to the limit.

The story starts Taylor and her baby daughter getting ready to sail to America. But she is being coerced into going. She is a new widow and is in debt to her husband's cousin who has told her that she is going with him or to debtor's prison. before they set sail she uncovers a plot of his and sneaks aboard another ship with her slave, Cammie. So now she is on another ship bound for America with a runaway slave. On the ship she meets Maida who is traveling as a companion to her aunt and uncle. And she meets widower Yates Marston and his children, Laurel, Kendra and Reid who are moving to America and meeting up with Yates's brother, Ward. They are the main characters for the series. Things happen that force them together and they all end up at the Catawba Plantation. When they get there it is not exactly what Yates and his family were expecting. Especially Laurel who at 17 and very snobby, was expecting a large plantation home and is faced with a small log cabins and a lack of servants. Some things and people happen to test their relationships and faith. Don't want to say anymore and give away everything.

Good story. It was a nice change of pace from my usual books. Taylor and Maida were the main characters in this part of the series. They become friends but have different outlooks on life. Taylor has known love but Maida thinks it is a fairy tale, she wants it but is to scared to hope for it. I enjoyed reading about them and their trials that they went through, it was a very well told story.

The Winds of Catawba (Sequel to the Women of Catawba) The Winds of Catawba (Sequel to The Women of Catawba) by Laurie Stahl
Kendra longs to tell the world of her love for Court, but he has sworn her to secrecy till he is a free man. Can she keep her true feelings hidden--or will impatience destroy her chance of happiness? Set in post-Revolutionary war days, this sequel to the Women of Catawba continues the saga of the men and women whose faith and strength tamed the American Wilderness.

This installment concentrates mostly on the kids, Laurel and Kendra. It has been 2 years since the first book and the plantation house is built and they are all prospering. Now Laurel is ready to settle down but has always wanted to marry a "proper Englishman" and is ecstatic to find that Joshua Douglas, is coming to visit from England with his sister. But there is a new man in the area that sets her heart pounding and he is definitely not a refined Englishman. Meanwhile Kendra is still waiting for Court to finish his indenture but when he tells her not to wait what will she do? The characters from the previous book are also all involved and are working on saving abused slaves and continue to grow in their faith. Cammie also is looking for a husband, but has her eyes set on a very stubborn and hurting man.

Good ending to the two book series. I wish she would have done a little more with Cammie in this book, we did not see her all that often. But I liked the rest of the story lines. She wrapped up all the loose ends well from the other book.

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