My Anniversary!! (and my hair :)

6/06/2010 06:20:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

Today is my anniversary. Hubby and I have been married for 12 years!!!! I am so glad that we are still just as much if not more in love and still going strong. He is my best friend and I am so thankful for him. He is a wonderful man, provider, father, lover, and friend. I thank God that He put him in my life. I cannot wait to spend 12...30...50 more years with him.

On a side note, I also got my hair cut. I wanted something new so for Mother's day I asked for a haircut at a salon (my mother or a friend usually cuts it for me). I am very happy with it, it is so light and cool now. It is interesting as i look at this pic it looks like I have streaked my hair in the front, but that is just how my hair is, weird. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.



Comment by ~ames~ on 6/06/2010 11:49 AM

Congrats Kris!! And nice hair cut! :P

Comment by Lori on 6/06/2010 7:09 PM

Happy anniversary!

Adorable haircut.

Comment by nath on 6/08/2010 5:30 PM

Happy Anniversary, Kris!! May you have a hundred more years with your hubby :)

It's a nice haircut :D and I like the streak actually :)

Comment by Holly on 6/15/2010 3:40 AM

Happy Anniversary!

I love your new cut. It's gorgeous!

Comment by Tracy on 6/16/2010 4:21 PM

I'm late but congrats on your anniversary, Kris!

Oh, and I love the hair! :)

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