The Legend MacKinnon

7/21/2006 11:10:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

The Legend Mackinnon The Legend MacKinnon by Donna Kauffman

Cool book, you get three for one in this book. There are three couples affected by this curse so you get three HEAs. The more the merrier.

I like the Literary Times summary so I am going to use theirs... "Three Claren cousins who have never met inherit their great-uncle's estate. Maggie receives a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. Cailean gets a trunk full of journals. Delaney takes possession of some old rock pile in the Highlands of Scotland. Each cousin has no idea the others exist, but as they begin looking for each other, the destiny that awaits them begins to take form. Three MacKinnon brothers, each cursed because of their arrogance, still walk this earth after three hundred years. Duncan haunts the cabin Maggie has inherited for one month each year, hoping every year that he will earn his final rest. Rory searches the world for three hundred years, never aging and always seeking his release from a Claren witch. Alexander has traveled through time, and as the eldest brother, his only desire is to return to his time and punish the clan Claren for their evil treachery. This time, when the fires ignite between Clarens and MacKinnons, it is love that grows instead of hatred and devilry." Karen Ellington -- Copyright © 030199 Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved

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Comment by Jill on 8/08/2006 10:01 AM

This is my favorite book of hers.

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