When I Wake

7/22/2006 09:03:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

When I Wake When I wake by Rachel Lee
I was not a fan of this book. I did not even finish it and that is rare for me. I usually like Rachel Lee but this one did not do it for me at all. The heroine reminded me of a petulant 16 year old and I stopped caring what happend to her so I stopped reading. Maybe it got better, but she bugged me. Here's the description...

Her mother died for it. Later came the terrible accident that took so much of her own body and soul (became deaf and miscarried her baby). Desperate to set right a tragic past and fulfill her mother's legacy, archaeologist Veronica Coleridge sets out in search of a treasure more valuable than the plundered gold that paves the way to its discovery-the ancient and mysterious mask of the Storm Mother.
Salvage expert Dugan Gallagher is impressed by Veronica's strength in the face of daunting challenges...and he gradually watches his feelings grow beyond mere admiration. Trapped together in a deadly vortex of treasure and treachery, myth and memory, and the sea's deadly wrath, they must find in themselves and each other the most powerful force of all.



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