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Kick @$$ anthology byMaggie Shayne, MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight and Jacey Ford
This was a fun anthology if you like heroines with a backbone. I bought this for Angela Knight's story but I enjoyed all of them.

The Bride Wore a .44- Maggie Shayne
The heroine has amnesia and is getting ready to marry a man who she does not really know just because she was told they were engaged before the accident. Her mother has pretty much run her life, with her consent, since her accident, but now she is starting to get curious about her life before especially when she opens a trunk of her stuff and it contains some pretty interesting weapons. Great short story.
The Incredible Misadventures of Boo & the Boy Blunder- MJD
I think this was my least favorite, it had some fun dialogue, but I could not get into it. MJD returns to Betsy's world (Betsy is not mentioned though) where Boo is a vampire hunter and ends up saving Boy Blunder (aka Eddie Batley) from being someone's dinner. He in turn decides that tagging along after her would be the coolest, she disagrees. Then she meets Gregory, who is a vampire trying to make is as a comedian and get rid of bad guys in his spare time. Boo knows the vamps are supposed to be the bad guys, she is not quite sure of what to make of him.
Warfem- Angela Knight
This story is set in her world from Jane's Warlord (none of the same characters though that I remember) where two cyborg warriors (Baird and Alina) are reunited after years of separation. But what has Alina been doing for all this time and is she still the same woman that he fell for all those years ago.
Painkillers- Jacey Ford
This story was good, but it was the odd man out for the anthology. The heroines in all the stories were kick butt women, and Lauren is a supermodel who wants to be a kick butt woman. The story was different but still enjoyable. Lauren is a supermodel/CIA agent and Jake is her partner. They are on a Caribbean island trying to prevent a coup d'etat within the government and end up falling for each other. She loves his abilities and strength, and he loves her spirit and improvisation skills. It is a very cute story.

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