Broken Wings

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Broken Wings Broken Wings by Lora Leigh

I enjoyed this one. It is different from other books that I have read by her. There was romance, but no sex scenes or anything like that. It was a fantasy novel instead of a "romance". Dearn is intrigued by Matte because he has never met a woman was a warrior and could back the title up with action. She is the commander of her troops when in his experience women were too soft for that. But Matte has not had an easy life and for her it was be a warrior or be a plaything and die. So she was a nice strong female character. If I were to rate it I would probably give it an 8 out of 10, it was not spectacular, but I enjoyed reading it.

He is the king of a winged race steeped in honor and tradition. His blood runs fierce and pure with his Eagle Clan heritage. She is the general of a clan that should not exist. Her blood is diluted, tainted by that of the reviled Vulture breed. Now Dearn and Matte will come together, each fighting for the existence of their people and a peace that will begin in each other's arms. But first, they must defeat not just the Vultures, but also the demented dreams of a human king and the merciless vengeance of Cinder, the demonic god he follows. This story was previously published elsewhere in 2003, and has been revised for Cerridwen Press release.


Poison Study and Magic Study

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Poison Study and Magic Study by Maria Snyder

I LOVED these, they were both awesome, I highly recommend them both. They are in the fantasy genre but have some romance for those of us who like to have that. Yelena was a great character, she had a backbone and had a lot of honor, but could be selfish at the same time, which makes her more real to me. She was easy to identify with. The next book, Fire Study does not come out until next year sometime. I definitely have to scrounge these up to buy.

Poison Study
About to be executed for murder, Yelena is offered an extraordinary reprieve. As a food taster, she'll eat the best meals, have rooms in the palace--and risk assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of Ixia.
As Yelena tries to escape her new dilemma, disasters keep mounting. Rebels plot to seize Ixia and Yelena develops magical powers she can't control. Her life is threatened again and choices must be made.
But this time the outcomes aren't so clear….

Magic Study
With her greatest enemy dead, and on her way to be reunited with the family she'd been stolen from long ago, Yelena should be pleased. But though she has gained her freedom, she can't help feeling isolated in Sitia. Her Ixian background has changed her in many ways--and her newfound friends and relatives don't think it's for the better….
Despite the turmoil, she's eager to start her magic training--especially as she's been given one year to harness her power or be put to death. But her plans take a radical turn when she becomes involved with a plot to reclaim Ixia's throne for a lost prince--and gets entangled in powerful rivalries with her fellow magicians.
If that wasn't bad enough, it appears her brother would love to see her dead. Luckily, Yelena has some old friends to help her with all her new enemies….

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Touch a Dark Wolf

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Could not get into this one, but I am going ot try it again later.

Touch A Dark Wolf Touch a Dark Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles

Yesterday, Erin Morgan worked for a pioneering Manhattan medical center. Today, she's on the run, witness to a chilling conspiracy. Fleeing for her life in the Tennessee mountains, she is run off the road by a mysterious beast . . . and things only get stranger when she wakes the next day to find a naked Adonis sprawled on the hood of her car.

For centuries, Jared has been a shape shifter, sworn to protect mortals like Erin. But in saving her, Jared has damned himself, for the poison from his battle wound stirs a terrible blood lust. Determined to protect Erin, Jared stays by her side and discovers a sensual rapture beyond imagining . . . and a love that can change his fate. But can Jared overcome his savage thirst and protect Erin from the beast within?

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Seduced by Magic

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Seduced by Magic by Cheyenne McCray

This is the sequel to her book Forbidden Magic and is just as great. Though the language is kind of graphic if that offends you then you might not like it. It take place in present day San Francisco, though most people do not know what is going on with the war against Balor. So it is not one of those where the paranormal have come out of "hiding". I enjoyed this one and cannot wait for the next one, Wicked Magic, I don't even know who that one is about yet.

Copper Ashcroft is an accomplished D’Anu witch, but the magic she wields is a potent force—strong enough to hurl her into a mysterious Otherworld when a spell backfires. Before Copper can escape, another being is pulled into her realm—Tiernan, a powerfully virile Tuatha D’Danann warrior. Blond, blue-eyed, and shamelessly seductive, Tiernan could be Copper’s savior…and his touch sets her body on fire. Like others of his kind, Tiernan stands alongside the D’Anu witches to battle the demons of the Underworld. Obligation to his cause and his people cautions against any entanglement with Copper, yet each second spent with this beautiful, uninhibited woman stirs an insatiable hunger. Desire explodes into carnal bliss, but the visions that haunt Copper’s dreams are growing stronger, and they foretell a terrifying evil waiting to be unleashed… Saving the city will take more than brute strength…more than witchcraft. Only together can Copper and Tiernan find a way to overcome the dark forces—and seize a passion that has bewitched them both.

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Heart Quest

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Heart Quest (Berkley Sensation) Heart Quest by Robin D. Owens

This is the latest book in Ms Owens's Celta series. The others are Heart Mate, Heart Thief, Heart Choice, Heart Duel and Heart Quest. I love this series. It is based in a world where the inhabitant's status is based on their "flair" or magical power. Your flair is mostly genetic (certain magic tend to run in certain families) but partly chance. I love this series but I have not been able to ever find any of them used so I am going to have to break down sometime and buy them new I guess.

Ilex Winterberry is a Guardsman by choice and flair. He left his Noblehouse to be a guardsman because it fit his flair and his house did not have much money. He has been assigned as a liason to the Noble houses of Celta. Now he is looking for a murderer who specializes in Nobles with unstable Flair psi. He is 45 and he thinks he is to old for his Heartmate. He knows that Trif Clover is his Heartmate, but she is only 20. One of his gifts is some precog and in one of his visions he saw his death so has decided that he did not want to condemn Trif to death so soon so he is determined to avoid Bonding with her. She has other ideas.

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The Challenge, The Dare and The Ultimatum

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This is a fun series. The fourth book (The Quest) just came out, but I have not read it yet. This series is futuristic and pretty good. There is not alot of sci-fi jargon and a pretty good story line,if you are not a great lover of sci-fi. You do not have to read these three in order, but there are characters that are mentioned in both so it does help. It is not the best sci-fi I have read, but I liked it.

The Challenge by Susan Kearney (Book One)
She was shot protecting the president, and woke up naked, in the arms of a hunk....A hunk named Kahn (a Rystani leader/warrior), who told Secret Service agent Tessa Camen an outlandish story about traveling through time, saving the world, and a Challenge only she can accept. Kahn offers her proof she can't refute: Tessa has been brought forward through time to save Earth by winning an intergalactic challenge. Kahn only has a few weeks to train Tessa to use the psi-abilities he insists she has. He is confident in the success of a time-honored method that uses sexual frustration to bring out her powers, but Tessa is dubious. She's a martial arts expert and can fight her way through anything, but she's never had much luck with emotions. Luckily for Earth, Kahn can be very convincing....

The Dare by Susan Kearney (Book Two)
Dora wants to make love. Specifically, Dora wants to make love with the handsome Rystani warrior-pilot Zical. But since Dora is a computer-albeit a sentient computer-she cannot experience touch, taste and true desire. Dora's logic functions refuse to accept this, so she uses the advanced technology of the 24th century to build herself a body specifically crafted to appeal to Zical, and downloads her computer brain into it. But Dora's sassy attitude makes her too different from the women of Zical's culture. He's attracted to Dora, but he won't make love to her. And while it would be easy for Dora to adapt to his desires, she likes being smart and funny; she's becoming good at being human. When Zical accidentally summons the ancient machines that protect the galaxy from invasion, Zical and Dora's mission is to intercept them and bring them back to the galaxy's rim. Fortunately for Dora, this puts her and Zical into very close quarters for a very long time. But much has changed, and as Dora learns more about human emotions and what they mean, she realizes that she doesn't just want to make love with Zical--she wants to love him. And be loved in return.

The Ultimatum by Susan Kearney (Book Three)
Dr. Alara Calladar needs a man........but she sure as krek doesn't want one. If Alara doesn't make love soon, her cells will fail to regenerate and she'll die. Unfortunately, her only option is an enemy--Rystani starpilot Xander, her abductor.... and a member of the race who has been battling hers since the beginning of time (she is Endekian). Xander issues an ultimatum: He'll make love to Alara only if she will use her psi-talent of identifying DNA to help him find the cure for the deadly Terran virus spreading across the galaxy. Alara is trapped. She gives Xander what he wants--and gets when she needs. But Alara holds a pair of secrets: the more they make love, the more Alara's cells adapt to Xander's body, until the only person she can make love with is him--and the more time they spend together, the more Alara likes Xander. When it seems that all the forces in the universe have aligned against them, can Alara trust Xander with her life.... and her heart?

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Master of Swords

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Master of Swords by Anglea Knight

This is the latest installment from her Mageverse series (Master of the Night, Bite anthology, Hot-Blooded anthology, Master of the Moon, Master of Wolves). I don't know of it was me or the book, but this one did not grab me like to others. It was interesting, but I was not enthralled like I usually am. But that might have been my mood, I will try it again later.
Lark McClure is granddaughter to Magi Tristan and is now a Majae herself. After the bad vamps try to attack Avalon, Morgana has decided that the newer "recruits" need to be paired with older warriors for experience and mentorship. Lark was attacked during that invasion and now has a fear of being bitten again. Not a good thing if you are supposed to donate regularly for the Magi. Well, Lark finds herself paired with Gawain and he is, of course, attracted to her, but she is still gun shy because of the attack. He is determined to break her fear and get her back to fighting shape, and into his bed as well. What he did not count on was how much he would admire her.

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Kick @$$

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Kick @$$ anthology byMaggie Shayne, MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight and Jacey Ford
This was a fun anthology if you like heroines with a backbone. I bought this for Angela Knight's story but I enjoyed all of them.

The Bride Wore a .44- Maggie Shayne
The heroine has amnesia and is getting ready to marry a man who she does not really know just because she was told they were engaged before the accident. Her mother has pretty much run her life, with her consent, since her accident, but now she is starting to get curious about her life before especially when she opens a trunk of her stuff and it contains some pretty interesting weapons. Great short story.
The Incredible Misadventures of Boo & the Boy Blunder- MJD
I think this was my least favorite, it had some fun dialogue, but I could not get into it. MJD returns to Betsy's world (Betsy is not mentioned though) where Boo is a vampire hunter and ends up saving Boy Blunder (aka Eddie Batley) from being someone's dinner. He in turn decides that tagging along after her would be the coolest, she disagrees. Then she meets Gregory, who is a vampire trying to make is as a comedian and get rid of bad guys in his spare time. Boo knows the vamps are supposed to be the bad guys, she is not quite sure of what to make of him.
Warfem- Angela Knight
This story is set in her world from Jane's Warlord (none of the same characters though that I remember) where two cyborg warriors (Baird and Alina) are reunited after years of separation. But what has Alina been doing for all this time and is she still the same woman that he fell for all those years ago.
Painkillers- Jacey Ford
This story was good, but it was the odd man out for the anthology. The heroines in all the stories were kick butt women, and Lauren is a supermodel who wants to be a kick butt woman. The story was different but still enjoyable. Lauren is a supermodel/CIA agent and Jake is her partner. They are on a Caribbean island trying to prevent a coup d'etat within the government and end up falling for each other. She loves his abilities and strength, and he loves her spirit and improvisation skills. It is a very cute story.

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Unforgiven (Nocturne)
Unforgiven by Lindsey McKenna

Not my favorite book, but okay. It is very Lindsay McKenna. If you like her Black Jaguar books and enjoy the paranormal twist then you will probably enjoy this one. I enjoy her books, but she has never really been an autobuy for me. Though this series has an interesting premise and could lead to a pretty good series, I will wait and see.

Plucked from the depths of hell, former military sniper Reno Manchahi was hired by the government to kill a thief, but he had a mission of his own. Descended from a family of shape-shifters, Reno vowed to get the revenge he'd thirsted for all these years. But his assignment went awry when his target turned out to be a powerful seductress, a woman who risked everything to fight a potent evil.

They had a combustible connection, yet he struggled to reveal the truth about himself--his Apache upbringing, his Jaguar pride, his death plot. Soon, Reno had to transform himself into a true hero, accept this new love and conquer the enemy that threatened them all. He had to become a Warrior for the Light….

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Slave to Sensation

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Slave to Sensation (Berkley Sensation) Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

I love this cover!! It is one of the main reasons, until I read some of it, that I have been wanting this book for moths before it came out. Then I read the book, and am so excited that I broke down and bought it instead of tryng to get it at the library. If you have not read this book, it was awesome.
The book description does not say much though. Everything takes place on an alternate earth. Where there are three classes/species of people. The Psy, who are very analytical and non-emotional. The Changelings, who are shapeshifter (emotional and looked down on by the Psy). And then Humans, who are mentioned but do not have an active part in this book.

Born a Psy, Sascha Duncan must hide the emotions which mark her as flawed. But a passionate Changeling (Lucas Hunter) will tempt her to reveal everything-and risk her very soul.

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Playing with Fire

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Playing With Fire Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter

This was a fun book. It was a light-hearted paranormal and I loved the heroine because I can relate to her. She acts how I think I would act if I was in her shoes. So she was a very easy heroine to sit down and enjoy. Belle is an every day girl thrust into a unique situation. This was a fun book, witty with some action to kep it moving. I enjoyed it lots (like all her books).

Belle Jamison has spent the last year bouncing from one job to the other and can't find a fit. Then one day while on her break at her current job of coffee shop "wench", a wierd guy in a lab coat with government looking guys on his heels, stumbles in and unbeknownst to her slips some chemical formula into her latte. She wakes up a week later (now unemployed) to a hunky guy (aka Rome Masters) in her bedroom who then tells her that becaue of that lovely spiked drink she can now command the four elements and he is here to "neutralize" her. Well, Belle decides that she is too young to be "neutralized" and Rome after talking with her more decides that he can't do it either. So now they are both on the run from the bad guys who want to use her to "rule the world" and the good guys who want to save it by neutralize/killing her.

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no internet

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I have many books to post about, but very spotty internet at the moment. I will post soon about

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
Unforgiven by Lindsey McKenna
Deeper than Desire by Cheryl Holt
Kick @$$ anthology by Maggie Shayne, Angela Knight, MJDavidson, and (I cannot remember the other person off hand)

I hope my interenet gets better