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This weekend I went to the orchestra, that was a lot of fun. I have not been able to go in a long while. I will say that I take my students to the orchestra every year, but then I cannot sit and enjoy it, I am dealing with students and leading bathroom breaks. My school participated in a essay contest and the winning student from each school got three free tickets to an orchestra concert. One ticket for them, one for a parent and one for the music teacher. There were other winners there and during intermission all the winners and teachers get to go back stage to meet the performers. I loved the particular concert that we got to go to because it was the Dublin Philharmonic. They played one specifically Irish tune with Irish pipes and then there was also a soprano that sang about 4 songs in the first half. During intermission, the performer that played the Irish pipes (just looked up the technical name and they are called Uilleann pipes) gave us a demonstrations up close and explained how they worked. It was cool.

I have been on reading kick, finishing a book a day (and totally neglecting everything else). I will probably not review them all but I will say this about some and review Heart Fate just because I loved it so much.

Big Girls Don't Cry by Cathie Linz (B-)
Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy Book 3) by Richelle Mead (A-) might review this one later, enjoyed it a lot
Night Fall by Cherry Adair (DNF) heroine annoyed me. Might try it again later though.
Summer Desserts by Nora Roberts (B)
Key to Conspiracy (Gillian Key, Paradoc Book 2) by Talia Gryphon (B) Good series so far, have read the first one and hope to post about them soon.
Undercover by Lauren Dane (B+)
Texas Rain by Jodi Thomas (B)

I also started my book(s) for Nath's re-read challenge. For this month I am reading Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadow.

Heart Fate (Celta Heart Mates Book 7) by Robin D. Owens
Wed to a wealthy older man when she was just a girl, Lahsin Yew runs away from her abusive home to find a new life. At seventeen, she’s about to enter her Second Passage, when her Flair—and perhaps her HeartMate—will be revealed. Lahsin finds sanctuary in a secret garden, where she meets Tinne Holly. Though he is her HeartMate, he cannot tell her, and her troubled past prevents her from trusting any man. Pretending to find her by chance, Tinne helps her through her Second Passage. But when the truth is revealed, can she forgive his deception, and learn to trust in her destiny?

Wow, I loved this book. I could not put it down. The characters were great, i havebeen looking forward to Tinne's story and was not disappointed.
Lahsin was married off to T'Yew when she was 14. Her family told her that he was going to wait for consummating the marriage until she got older, he did not so she has basically been raped for 3 years. Once she turns 17 she is considered an adult and leaves her "husband" and repudiates their marriage. She escapes and hides in a secret garden in the city.
Tinne is not having a good week. He wakes up to his wife telling him that she wants a divorce and then spends the next two days undergoing tests to see if his marriage can be saved. Imagine if they made people do that today. A divorce is extremely rare in First Families and this is another hardship for his already challenged family. Then discovers that his Heartmate has left her husband. He finds her and finds out how she has been treated for the past three years and he feels guilty for not doing anything, not that he knew.
But this is what these two are going through when they meet. Neither is ready for another relationship and both have a lot of healing to do. So they do the friend thing while they work out trust issues.
Great story and great characters. I love this series.

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Comment by Amy C on 1/11/2009 7:54 PM

I tried to read one of the Celtic Heart books, but I couldn't get into it. I wonder if it's because it was back when I was making the transition to romance? Several of the first romances I read I had a hard time getting into. Do you have to read her books in order? Could I read Heart Fate without having read anything prior?
There's one series of hers I'd like to read. The one she has published with Luna but the first few books are out of print. I'd have to get them used. As if I need to add more books!

Comment by nath on 1/12/2009 3:13 PM

Wow, that's a great reading start for the year!! and LOL, lucky, orchestra!! That's awesome you got to go :)

Glad you enjoyed Summer Desserts even if it didn't wow you :)

Comment by Holly on 1/13/2009 6:18 PM

Wasn't Heart Fate great? I really liked it. Have you read any of the other books in the series? I've been collecting them since I read this book, but I haven't started any of them yet.

Comment by Kris on 1/13/2009 6:57 PM

Hey amy - these can beread slightly out of order but I have read them in order and have enjoyed them that way. Heart Mate is the first one. I think Heart Fate could be read alone but there are some backstories that you follow better if you have read all of them. I have not read her other books.

hey nath - thanks :) It was a lot of fun. I did enjoy Summer Desserts and am starting LEssons Learned.

hey holly - I loved it. I have read all in this series and have enjoyed them. I am working on collecting them.

Comment by Stacy~ on 1/14/2009 10:36 AM

I've never read any of her stuff. I'm glad you're liking them. Maybe one day when the tbr pile is gone...

Comment by Christine on 1/14/2009 8:19 PM

So glad you got out to the concert and you enjoyed it so much. :)

I'm impressed with how much you've been reading! Good for you! I'm going to try to catch up in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy books for my YA Reading Challenge this year ... glad to see you're enjoying it.

I've always wanted to read that series by Robin Owens, but they're trade sized and I just can't fork over the money to read a backlist like that right now. Maybe someday when my TBR is a bit smaller. Ha! Like that'll ever happen! ;P

And your choosing two heavy books for your Re-Read Challenge!? I'm impressed!

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