Their One And Only and Surrender and A Question of Trust

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Another menage day. All mfm stories.

Their One And Only by Trista Ann Michaels
Bruised and battered, Kaycee barely escapes the clutches of a serial killer, only to find herself with another dilemma--her attraction to the two men assigned to protect her from the killer. Sam and Tyler Warren are criminal profilers for the F.B.I. They're also identical twins with a very unusual psychic connection, one that has left them with a bleak hope for the future and of finding wives. That is until they meet Kaycee and find a woman who might be able to love each of them. While hiding from the killer still after Kaycee, they explore a passion none of them ever expected to find. But their newfound happiness will be shattered when the killer learns of her whereabouts and puts into motion a sick plan Sam and Tyler may not be able to stop.

This was an interesting book. It combined two of my favorite sub-genres, menage and psychic powers. Kaycee is abducted by a serial killer and the twins when they hold something if hers they can feel and see what she does. She escapes but never got a good look at him because he always wore a mask. When Tyler was cnnected to her he felt something about her that was special so he convinced his brother and the FBI to let them take her and put her in their protective custody. Sam is leery, he does not want to get hurt or rejected again. The brothers can feel and see what someone else does by touching their stuff or them. But because of their psychic connection they also feel what each other feels without even trying. Which means when one is in love with a girl the other is too, with the same girl. Which also means they have to share. they have never found anyone that could handle that for the long run so have been hurt a few times. They hope that Kaycee will be The One. Meanwhile they need to protect her from a serial killer that is determined to get her back.
Good story. Very hot scenes. There is mfm and mf but the brothers do not do anything together if that is your worry.

Surrender by Kimberly Zant
Desperate straights call for desperate measures---If anyone had asked Anna before what she would be willing to do for money, what she'd just signed up for would NOT have been on the list. She's discovered, though, that the needy can't afford to be too picky. And, after all, what's six weeks in the scheme of things? Despite her internal pep talk, though, she discovers she isn't at all prepared for what she has to face in the mansion of ill repute-where 'no' is no longer a part of her vocabulary unless she wants to forfeit the money she needs so badly.

Annie needs money now. Her husband is fighting her for custody of their kids after he leaves her for another woman. So she signs a 6 week contract to be a submissive for a group of men, little does she know where that will lead her. There are five men, all are a little voyeuristic, they like to share and fly solo. So there are all sorts of combinations sex wise in this book (except no M/M).
Good story, there is an HEA it is not all just sex. I liked it. I wish that they had gone more indepth into their histories than they did. That would have made is so much better for me.

Cover Image of A Question of Trust: Menage and More Anthology eBooks, by Jess Dee

A Question of Trust
by Jess Dee
Madeline Jones is having the time of her life with Gabriel Carter, a man who fulfills every one of her sexual fantasies. She's sure it can’t get any better than this... until Gabe introduces her to his best friend. When Connor Regan enters the mix, sparks fly. Suddenly Maddie wants more than just Gabe, she wants Connor, too. The two men seem happy to oblige. But threesomes have a way of getting complicated. Hearts can be broken. Although Gabe and Connor play by a strict set of rules designed to minimize the damage, true love does not always adhere to the guidelines. Sometimes, to fulfill the dream of having the love of a lifetime, even the most comprehensive codes of honor have to be challenged.

Maddie is put into a very awkward situation. Her lover, Gabe, turns her one like no one else. She knows that she is not in love with him but is content with what she has. Then Gabe introduces her to his best friend Connor. Connor and her click intellectually and just have that spark. Unknown to her they are grooming her to try an menage with the two of them. Now she knows that they compatible in that way as well. Now she has to figure out what to do.

Something I thought was interesting was the whole story until the very end was told entirely in third person from her perspective. Usually the menage books that I read have all three perspectives (or at least two of them), and know what is going on in their minds. This one I did not and that was different for me. It was a good story. I enjoyed it and the outcome.
This story is in an e-anthology called Menage and More.



Comment by Holly on 1/04/2009 4:20 PM

I have the Kimberley Zant and the Jess Dee TBR. They sound good. Thanks.

Comment by Bev(QB) on 1/05/2009 10:51 PM

"Her husband is fighting her for custody of their kids... So she signs a 6 week contract to be a submissive for a group of men"

uh... two questions:

Where are the kids during this six week period?
Where do they and her husband think she is?

Okay, make that THREE questions...


Here's the thing about a whole lot of erotic stories, particularly the menage ones. They're good for a hot read, but I shouldn't try to look too closely below the surface because really, once I do, they kind of start sounding silly.

Actually, I'm not necessarily talking about all the books you mentioned here (that first one with the twins actually has some logic behind it and sounds interesting), but I'm including books by a whole lot of other authors that I enjoyed as ebooks, but they just don't work padded out and released through NY print publishers. It just shines a spotlight on how weak the stories actually are.

/end of rant

Comment by Kris on 1/06/2009 7:03 AM

her kids are staying with her mother while she is on a well paying babysitting/nanny gig for six weeks. The husband is too busy trying to make nice with the new woman's kids to worry too much about his own. He just wants them to spite her.

I agree with you about some of hte storylines. :)

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