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Well, I think for the time being with the rate that I am writing posts I am going to do one review post a week and then a recap of the rest of the books that I have read but did not review once a week or once every two weeks. If you are interested in the books below, read all of the reviews because I was liking this series until the most recent book.

Life update: the kids are doing well. Friday was Hubby's birthday and we were going camping with my in-laws this weekend. So of course Saturday morning I woke up sick. It was not pretty. I felt really bad. So Hubby took oldest to her soccer game (they won, and are 1st in their division) and when they got home I was still not feeling well so they went without me. I am disappointed that I could not go, but I also got some uninterrupted reading time as well which was nice. I felt better about 5 hours later . And I got to sleep for 8 hours without interruption!!! I was so happy. I have spent Sunday watching chick movies on Netflix Instant and working around the house and I am still feeling fine. I watched a movie called Love and Other Disasters that was cute and Shakespeare Untold which is an English mini-series of four Shakespeare stories retold in modern times. Cute so far, am watching the retelling of Much Ado About Nothing set in a local brocast station. I decided only to watch the one episode. I found they also had North and South with Richard Armitage so I am watching that instead.

Key to Conflict (Gillian Key, Paradoc Book 1) by Talia Gryphon
Meet Gillian Key-a paramortal psychologist who can treat the mental distress of nonhumans. And she's a Marine Special Forces operative who can get physical with them when the situation calls for it.
Gillian's two worlds collide when she travels to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to counsel a dangerously attractive local master vampire-and becomes embroiled in a brewing turf war with the legendary Dracula.

Good start to the series. This is not my favorite but I am intrigued enough to continue and see where Ms Gryphon goes with the series and characters. If you are interested in eading this you have to be okay with the heroine sleeping with someone other than the hero. In this book she goes to Romania to treat a vampire with "fangxiety". He is depressed and contimplating why to go on. Gill is a very strong heroine. She is attracted to her patient, Aleksei but cannot have any sort of relationship with him outside of couselor until a year after he is "cured". So she begins a friends with benefits relationship with his brother, Tanis, who is also a vampire. During this time Dracula, one of the three vampire Lords, stages a revolt/revolution/coup or whatever you want to call it, to try to take over the paranormal world and then the rest of the world.

Key to Conspiracy (Gillian Key, Paradoc Book 2) by Talia Gryphon
In northern Russia after a devastating earthquake, paramortal psychologist and Marine Special Forces operative Gillian Key helps break up a ring of child traffickers preying on newly orphaned children. But away from Count Aleksei Rachlav, the irresistible vampire she left behind, Gillian is vulnerable to the Dark Prince himself—Dracula—who would like nothing more than to use her as a pawn in his escalating war with Rachlav.

I liked this a little more. Gillian finally gets together with Aleksei but not til halfway through. The first part of hte story is Gill helping to break up a ring of child traffickers. You get to see more of her fighting side. I love how she dealt with the film crew that her superior sent with the team to record the capture of the traffickers. Then she heads back to Romania to be with Aleksei but then gets rerouted to England and has a bad run in with some ghosts. Eventually she gets back to Romania and can pursue therelationship. Very busy book, lots going on.

Key to Redemption (Gillian Key, Paradoc Book 3) by Talia Gryphon
In Romania, the estate of master vampire Aleksei Rachlav has become the headquarters for those paramortals who stand against Dracula’s army. And soldier and paramortal psychologist Gillian Key finds herself with a new group of clients. One is straight out of legend—a disfigured, masked man who haunts a Parisian opera house— and who becomes Aleksei’s rival for Gillian’s heart.

This book is where I lost it with the series. I did not finish this book. At first I was excited when I read back thattalked about The Phantom of the Opera being her new patient. Until I found out that he is to be a patient with her because she is a certified sex therapist. When Aleksei objected to her sleeping with someone else she told him to get over it and that he needed to accept her job. She has always been a very Alpha character but she just became too Alpha for me in this book. I read about 3/4 of hte book and then could do it any longer because she ticked me off.
Aleksei loves her and treats her wonderfully and I was mad at her for doing that to him. Some poeple can see past it and evenI understand why she did it, but I could not finish the book.

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Comment by nath on 1/30/2009 10:52 PM

Sorry you were disappointed with the third book!! That's what I hate about series.. you're never sure what's the direction the author will take... and anything can change.

I have book 1, but never got into it :(

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