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Sorry I was out for so long. May was insane at school. Between all the various showers and just end of the year stuff it was crazy. Then we had to pack up our classrooms because over the summer we are getting a new air conditioning unit for the school and there will be no air for over 2 months so anything that can be damaged by heat or humidity had to be brought home.

My sister graduated High school last week, that was exciting. I am so proud of her but cannot believe she is old enough to graduate yet. My mom is not sure what she will do now that she does not have to go to any more open houses or school performances. When I started college my sister entered Kindergarten so she literally started all over again and has been going to school functions for 26 years now.

The kids are doing great, the baby is 11 months old now. She is crawling everywhere and walking with assistance, but does not walk on her own yet, she figures it is faster to crawl. She is such a happy baby, we are very blessed. Oldest is out for the summer and is as active as ever. Medium (that is what she calls herself) is content to sit and watch tv all day so I am constantly exiling them to the backyard.

My summer is filled with various projects that I am determined to get done now that I am not prego (severely limited my projects last summer). We are headed to camp in a couple of weeks. Hubby is very involved with camp and runs a week every year. Oldest's week of camp happens to fall the same week on the other side of the camp so she will be there too and my parents are taking hte baby so I do not have to deal with her demanding schedule and carting her around everywhere. So that means i also get some quality time with Medium. Lots of fun, can't wait :)

Hubby and I went to see Star Trek last week, LOVED it. We knew we had too because since the first Generations movie we have seen them all in the theater. Star Trek Generations was our first date (yes, we are such nerds) so we try to continue the tradition of seeing all the Star Trek movies in the theater. I never see movies twice in the theater but I might have to make an exception for this one. Hubby hates when they go back and try to do movies/shows before the original because inevitably they mess something up to contradict the original movie. But he loved this one too. If you have not seen it yet, you are missing out.

Anyone have anything special they are doing this summer?



Comment by Stacy~ on 6/13/2009 9:31 PM

Congrats to your sister :) Wow, what an age difference. But kinda fun, I'm sure.

Yay to having a happy, walking baby. My mom told me I didn't walk til about 18 months, but I scooted around on my butt, backwards. And see, I turned out just fine LOL. And love that you guys spend so much time together with the fam, camping and such. Very cool.

I have yet to see Star Trek. My exciting summer event was last weekend, at Lori Foster's event. Not going to RWA this year, but am taking a few days off in July. I think I'll spend the time trying to catch up on reading.

Comment by nath on 6/14/2009 9:14 AM

Hi Kris!! Wow, lots of things happening!

First, congratulations to your sister!! :) That's exciting and wow, there is an age gap between you and your sister :)

I'm so glad that school is over for you :) Lots of time to do stuff now :)

You have to post some pics of the baby! I think last i saw one of her, it was the Halloween one :P

Star Trek was a great movie, which is why Kristie and I went to see it again, although we both have seen it already :P

Comment by ~ames~ on 6/23/2009 12:54 AM

Sounds like your summer is going well so far. Good stuff! And congrats to your sister.

I was off for a few weeks, and I'm returning to work tomorrow. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out on Friday. Good times. NOT. LOL

What other movies are you looking forward to this summer? Star Trek was definitely awesome. :P

Comment by Tracy on 6/23/2009 1:02 PM

Wow you were in college when your sister entered Kindergarten? Wow. Just wow. :) That's so cool that she graduated from high school - tell her congrats!

Aw - I remember when my babies were only 11 months old. My youngest (now 6, almost 7) used to do the commando crawl and wouldn't use her legs - too funny!

I LOVED the Star Trek movie! So glad you enjoyed it. My hubby is a huge ST fan from his childhood.

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