Cool video

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This is so cool!! Watch it. Make sure your sound is on.


Second Chance Pass and other week 4 books

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Working on my re-read challenge post and reading alot on my vacation!! Will post more stuff soon.
Also read:
Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs (A) been talked about alot already,nothing to add but that I loved it and cannot wait for the next one.
Beyond Sunrise by Sandra Brown (B) I think it was Nath (actually it was Zeek who did the second book in the re-read challenge) that recommended this one to me. I and not read a Sandra Brown book before, this was an interesting read. There were some parts that I was irritated about the high-handedness, but I got over it. Looking for the next book to get Jake's story.

Second Chance Pass (Virgin River Book 5) by Robyn Carr
In the space of a few months Vanessa buried her husband, Matt, and gave birth to their son—breaking her heart while filling it with a whole new kind of love. But the one man she longs to share this love with now acts as if she doesn't exist. Paul Haggerty lives by the marine motto: Semper Fi. Ever faithful to his best friend, he's done right by Matt's widow as best he can…considering he's been secretly in love with her for years. Now, just as he's about to make his move, another woman has staked her claim on him—a claim that will be tough to escape.
With courage, humility and not a little meddling from the good folks of Virgin River, Vanni and Paul might just get a second chance to have the love they both desire and deserve.

Great addition to the series. I love reading this series because with each book she still incorporates the rest of the town so you get to still see characters from the other stories. Every time I read these it feels like I am visiting old friends or getting an update letter of the town (like Jack is writing for Ricky).
I enjoyed this one. It is not my favorite in the series, but I had fun with it. I was glad to see Paul and Vanni get together. I am okay with the time line, like she said, she had not seen Matt in almost a year beforehand. Sometimes things just happen that way.
I am looking forward to the next book.


March week 3

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Sorry did not post anything last week. got busy. Did not actually read much to post about the previous week. I spent most of the week reading a trilogy for the Re-read challenge.

Question for anyone out there: who is planning on going to the RT convention or more specifically, the book signing on Saturday? I am planning on going and was curious who all was planning on going as well.

Home news:
We survived Oldest's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. She had a blast, I was glad we were able to do it. Our Spring Break is coming up and Hubby and I are leaving the kiddos with the grandparents (their idea of a vacation is time with the kiddos and ours is a break from them, so it works out all round) and Hubby and I are going on a little trip to visit some friends that moved out of our state last year. Baby is doing great. She is scooting backwards all over the place ,but cannot quite get the forward action going. (Not that i am really complaing, it is easier when she is not as mobile). Medium (that is what she calls herself, she says she is the medium child and who am i to argue with a 4 year old) is just as mischeivious as ever. I fear for us with her as a teenager. She is very much her own person, it is so fun to watch her.

Here is what I have been reading this week.

Relentless by Lauren Dane (A-) review to come :D
Mona Lisa Darkening by Sunny (review to come at Book Binge)
A Toy for Two (Dungeon Master Book 2) by Jennifer Cole (review to come at Book Binge)

Product DetailsFlat-Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy
Independent single mother Tamara Briggs wanted to find a new, sexy, no-strings-attached man—just not one as young as NASCAR driver Elec Monroe. But he sure does get her heart racing. And after she’s tricked into a blind date with him, Tamara gives in to her passion. Things screech to a halt, though, when he asks to meet her children. Whatever happened to wham-bam-thank-you ma’am? Suddenly Tamara has to decide how much risk she’s willing to take to experience the power of true love.

Good sexy read. Usually I do not like books with kids in them, but this one worked for me. Great storyline, interesting characters and some very hot chemistry. But I do not really like the blurb. He does not really ask to see her children. He shows up on her doorstep and asks to come in. He does want to meet them but not like the blurb implies. This is one of those stories where they go into things expecting to have a fling and then go on with their lives, but then fall further than they were expecting to fall. Good solid story, what I expect from Ms McCarthy. (B)

Product DetailsMy Man Michael by Lori Foster
On the verge of a title shot match, fighter Michael “Mallet” Manchester is injured in a car accident. And just as quickly as his career was taking off, it’s over. Then Kaylie Raine appears, offering him a second chance at becoming whole. Even though Mallet thinks it’s the pain medication talking, he accepts her challenge. And on an extraordinary journey with Kaylie, he’ll get a chance to fight again—to save the woman who has saved him.

This one is different and takes an unexpected twist to the series. If you do not like time travel or unexpectedness in your books then you will not like this one. I have heard a lot of negative reviews about this one because it is not her norm for stories. This is not my favorite by her but it was not totally bad or anything. But do not go into it expecting a basic contemporary book. (C+)

Update: I have a book review of Witch Heart by Anya Bast up at Book Binge here.

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Happy Birthday Oldest

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This is a shout out to my oldest girl. Today is her birthday. She is 7 years old today. I cannot believe that she is that old already. I love her so much. She has been a blessing and such a fun person to know.

From the times she was little, she has always had a great heart and is always quick to smile. She loves to learn new things and I am so proud of all she has accomplished. She loves school and her teacher and friends, though that does get her into trouble for not paying attention in class as she ought to sometimes.:)
She has her husband pick out already (a boy at church she has known since they were 4) but occasionally he gets pushed aside for Troy from HSM. She is my little helper, one of her favorite things to do is help with stuff (as long as it is not cleaning her room). She loves to help her dad cook (he is the cook in my house not I) and she loves to sweep and mop, so I let her whenever she wants to.

She is a joy to have and to raise (even when she is fighting with her sister). God has blessed me so much with her. I cannot wait to see the young lady she will grow into.


Everlasting Bad Boys and week 1 reads

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Not much going on here except writing letters and waiting to see about education budget cuts in my county. It looks like I am on a possible chopping block because i am still on annual contract. this was supposed to be my last year on it, funny how that works out. My school board has to cut $112 million dollars from its budget.

Promises in Death (In Death book ??) by JD Robb great addition to the series. we saw more personal life in this onethan the last. Lots of good lines and parts. One of my favorites was at the end in one the interview rooms when she told the person that they would have front row seats. (A)

The Spy Who Wants Me
by Lucy Monroe Good read. Good characters, had one of my favorite hero types, the strong nerd. Not my favorite by her but I thought it was a nice solid read. (B-)

Reluctant Hearts
(Dragon Riders 2) by Marty Rayne (e-book) apparently I did not review the first book. Good series so far. In this world dragons protect the people from bad guys and big bad beasties. Each dragon has a rider that they bond with (mentally, psychically and sometimes physically), if the dragon dies, they will die. If they are supposed to bond with a dragon and refuse it, they will go insane. The dragons however live very long lives and can have many riders in the course of their life. fun fantasy story. This one is MF the first book was MMF. (B-)

Point of Distraction
(Book 2) by Cindy Jacks (e-book) review to come at Book Binge

Kiss of a Demon King
(Immortals After Dark Book 6) by Kresley Cole Fun read, I had been looking forward to this book for a long time. great addition to the series. sabine was a very fun character to watch, she definitely had her own code of ethics, which is a nice change. (A-)

Speed Dating
by Nancy Warren (e-book) This was one of the free e-books that harlequin was giving away for their anniversary. It was a sweet story. He mstakes her for his pretend girlfriend and she seems to be good luck fr him so asks her to travel the circuit with him until she starts her new job. They spend the next 12 weeks getting to know each other. they are a couple on camera and platonic friends off, but what do you do when one falls for the other one. Totally PG, they did not do anything until after the book was over. (B-)

Everlasting Bad Boys anthology by Shelley Laurenston, Cynthia Eden, Noelle Mack
They're bad boys--with that little something extra. Sexy, wild, out-of-this-world talents that can leave any woman feeling weak at the knees (among other body parts), they're the ones to call when you want pleasure that lasts...and lasts...

"Can't Get Enough" by Shelly Laurenston: Even for a dragon, Ailean the Wicked has a bad reputation. For 150 years he's been renowned for his fighting prowess, but now he's got a new conquest in mind--a gorgeous dragoness known as Shalin the Innocent. Ailean suspects she's anything but. And while he's saving her from her enemies, he plans to prove that, even in human form, a bad-boy dragon can show a girl a good time that's truly off the scale...

"Spellbound" by Cynthia Eden: No witch in her right mind would summon an immortal soul-hunter to her aid, but Serena Tyme needs Luis D'Amil's help to destroy the warlock who's stalking her coven. And she's willing to pay any price he names...especially when the tall, dark, sexy-as-hell assassin shows her he can work some sensual magic of his own...

"Turn Me On" by Noelle Mack: Finally, Beth Danforth has found a man who can flip her switch. That's because supersexy Justin Watts, CEO of SpectraSign, is literally made of light. His dazzling, custom-built body can't ever wear out. And talk about energy--Beth can't get enough of the guy. The sex is electrifying. The love will never fade away...

The first story was Ms Laurenston's and it lasted about half the book then the other two stories split the last half of the book.
The first story ("Can't Get Enough" by Shelly Laurenston) was about two dragon shifters in a fantasy world backdrop. I really enjoyed this one, but I love all her stuff. Great short story, fun, good storyline, good chemistry, good characters,very enjoyable read. Grade A

The second was Ms Eden's story, "Spellbound". I did not like this one as much, but it was a solid story. Grade B

The third story ("Turn Me On" by Noelle Mack) was my least favorite. I could not connect with the characters, they seemed very shallow. And I was not a big fan of the hero, he had no depth. He was good in bed and wealthy, but that was pretty much it. Grade D+

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Stay the Night and the rest of my Feburary reads

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Sorry I have been not around much. I have been reading more than being online these past two weeks. But have been around a little and lurking.

At home:
I currently have a nasty cold that is kicking my butt. The baby is doing great. She has started holding her own bottle and will get up on her knees but is not wanting to go anywhere. I am okay with that at hte moment, once she gets mobile all things change. Hubby swears she is saying "Dada" but I think she is still exploring sounds, the other two said "dada" first and I am holding out hope for this one. :P

Here are the rest of my reads from February:
Real Vampires Have Curves
by Gerry Bartlett (B)
Real Vampires Live Large by Gerry Bartlett (B)
Destiny kills by Keri Arthur (C+)
All I want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerralyn Sparks (B)
The Rogue Hunter by Lynsey Sands (B)
Ultimate Weapon by Shannon McKenna (B+)
A Perfect Darkness by Jaime Rush (review to come at Book Binge)

Stay the Night (Darkyn Book 7) by Lynn Viehl
Outlaw, immortal vampire, and art thief, Darkyn Lord Robin of Locksley has evaded authorities for the last 700 years. At the moment, he's falling for undercover federal agent Christina Renshaw, who has no time for an affair. She hopes to snag an elusive art thief, but soon has no choice other than to join forces with Robin. When the chase becomes dangerous, both will have to choose between losing each other and losing everything they value...

When I found out that Robin was going to be the hero in this one, I was sooooo excited. I have had a fascination with the character of Robin Hood since I was a child. So I love books with him as a character. (And I cannot wait to see the BBC series with Richard Armitage of it.) Though Ms Viehl was not too happy about the cover color, I do not think it is too bad. But she wrote a very funny blog post here using her characters to vent her frustrations.
This book was fun I was expecting a little different storyline which made it better for me because it was not what I expected. I was picturing along the storyline of the movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Got something totally different, yay (not knocking that storyline, I like it too, but always nice to be surprised).
Chris (all of the heroine in this series have boy nicknames) ends up thrust into this world of vampires that she is not to certain are not escapees from a really intense RPG geekdom. But her partner is missing and Robin says that the bad guys have kidnapped him and are torturing him. She just wants to find her partner and arrest all these people who are clearly mentally unbalanced. It was fun to watch her. Things about Robin's past catch up with him. I wish we would have seen more of Will though, I like to watch the two of them interact. But i just heard that there is a short e-story about what is happening in America during this story. I need to go find that.
The secondary story in this book circled around Alex and Michael and the ruling council and their friend Phillipe. The council is deciding whether or not to go to war with the Brethren.

Good storyline, kept me interested. There is a very hot m/m scene too that was very unexpected. Her next book in this world is actually a spin-off series called the Kyndred (first book is called Shadowlight and comes out in August).

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