A Bite to Remember

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A Bite to Remember A Bite to Remember by Lynsay Sands

This was a cute book, it was a nice light-hearted vampire book with some action in it. It was a nice mix and blend to keep me interested. If you collect this series this one is a good addition. The other books in the Argeneau series are Single White Vampire, Love Bites, Tall Dark and Hungry, A Quick Bite and then this one. The last two don't always get listed with the series because they are put out by a different publisher than the first three.

The world of Ms. Sands vampires is one of a different race that are descendants of Atlantis and are equipt with nano computers in their bodies that were created to repair dame to their bodies and then die off. Problem is that our bodies are constantly under attack from the sun and aging that the nanos never died like they were supposed to. They kept replicating but they feed off the the blood in their bodies so the nanos adapted the bodies to be able to consume the blood that they needed to do their job. Hence the creation of "vampires". I thought that that was a unique background for them so I enjoyed the books very much. For me, they are not Keepers but I would definitely check them out and i will continue to keep up with the series. The next book comes out in February called Bite Me if You Can.

Rule #1: Never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up.

Once bitten, twice shy, and sexy PI Jackie Morrisey wasn't going there again. Vincent Argeneau may be the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead, but she's here to stop a killer from turning this vampire into dust, not to jump into bed with him.

Rule #2: Never kiss a vampire . . . it can be a pain in the neck.

Okay, so Vincent's had four hundred years to perfect his kissing skills, and he does look rather tempting when he runs around the house shirtless. He's also charming, protective . . . did we mention he can kiss? Jackie needs to be on her guard, or else she'll have to come up with a new rule: If you're going to fall in love with a vampire, make sure it's a bite to remember.

P.S. I forgot to say, I won books at the Writerspace paranormal Forum, I am so excited. I won galley copies (is that like an ARC?) of Extreme Bachelor by Julia London, The Burning by Susan Squires and Past Redemption by Savannah Russe. Yeah!!

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Comment by nath on 12/05/2006 9:24 AM

Hey Kris!

Congrats for winning the book! Lucky girl... everyone is winning something lately! As for A bite To Remember, I'm still not sold on this series... don't know why... sigh.

Comment by Kris on 12/05/2006 8:21 PM

There are all sorts of contests going on right now. Access Romance is having a month long blog party with a giveaway everyday.
I do not collect the series, but I read it from the library.

Comment by nath on 12/07/2006 1:20 PM

Oh really... I'm not the type to participate to contest because, well, I never win anything ^^; I haven't read that series either... any good?

Comment by Kris on 12/08/2006 2:21 PM

It is pretty good, as in good enough for me to read but not good enough for me to collect. But I know a lot of people who love the series. It just is not a keeper for me, but I still want to read it.

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