No Rest for the Wicked

11/14/2006 10:07:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Sorry I have not posted in so long. The kids have had the flu and colds. Then my dh took me out for the weekend (kid-free) for my birthday (had a great time, went to the Ringling Museum in Sarasota). But he made me promise not to bring any books with me for the weekend because he wanted it to be just us and me not distracted. So it was hard, but I did it. But I have lots of other books to post that I have read in the meantime (Dance of the Gods, The Untamed One, Southern Comfort, Reason to Live). But here is the next one.

No Rest for the Wicked (The Immortals After Dark Series, #2) No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole

Good book. I think I liked the A Hunger Like No Other better, but this one will be a buy for me. I had heard some iffy reviews of this one so I was wary but I did enjoy it. You definitely have to have read the short story from Playing Easy to Get to follow the series because a lot is explained in that story. You have a very strong heroine who has not felt emotion in centuries, is now feeling them (it is almost like a female Carpathian, but she is cursed/blessed that way instead of genetic) and does not know what to do about it. For the first time in a very long time she is unsure and second guessing herself. The Hero, Sebastian, is more of a beta hero. He is not a doormat or anything, but he is not a domineering alpha male (I am man you do what I say! type character), so that was a nice change of pace. He was willing to compromise and follow her lead in order to get and keep her and keep her happy.

A soldier weary of life . . .

Centuries ago, Sebastian Wroth was turned into a vampire -- a nightmare in his mind -- against his will. Burdened with hatred and alone for ages, he sees little reason to live. Until an exquisite, fey creature comes to kill him, inadvertently saving him instead.

A Valkyrie assassin dispatched to destroy him . . .

When Kaderin the Cold Hearted lost her two beloved sisters to a vampire attack long ago, a benevolent force deadened her sorrow -- accidentally extinguishing all of her emotions. Yet whenever she encounters Sebastian, her feelings -- particularly lust -- emerge multiplied. For the first time, she's unable to complete a kill.

Become competitors in a legendary hunt.

The prize of the month-long contest is powerful enough to change history, and Kaderin will do anything to win it for her sisters. Wanting only to win her, forever, Sebastian competes as well, taking every opportunity -- as they travel to ancient tombs and through catacombs, seeking relics around the world -- to use her new feelings to seduce her. But when forced to choose between the vampire she's falling for and reuniting her family, how can Kaderin live without either?

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Comment by nath on 11/14/2006 8:35 PM

Hello Kris! Happy birthday!

It's nice that he insisted you leave books at home... I mean, that shows he really wanted to spend the week-end with you :D Glad that you enjoy :D (are the kids feeling better?)

I'm also glad you enjoyed No Rest for the Wicked :D everyone has their own taste :P and it seems I'm in the minority who doesn't enjoy it as much.

Comment by Stacy~ on 11/14/2006 8:49 PM

Happy birthday! I hope you're having fun :) DH was smart to ask for your undivided attention. Hope the kids are doing better.

I haven't read anything by KC and I'm not sure of the Valkyrie thing works for me, but I've heard good things about it, and I'm weak and in constant need of books, so I will probably add it to the list.

Comment by Jenster on 11/14/2006 9:50 PM

Happy Birthday!!! So did you have a good time, even without the books??

Hope the kids are feeling better. We've had a bunch of head colds going on around here and I'm ready for a healthy family!


Comment by Kris on 11/15/2006 6:10 AM

Nath, Stacy~ and Jenster, thanks so much!

The kids are feeling a little better, but they keep having relapses, and the oldest has a nasty cough. I had a great time (even without books). We stayed at a B&B and went out to a nice dinner. We had an hour wait with no kids. We actually got to just sit and talk while we waited instead of trying to entertain the little ones. We had a wonderful time.

I mainly wanted the books for the drive because I hate to ride in traffic, it makes me stressed out when i am not driving because I spend most of the time trying to hit my brake that is not there, so I always read in the car. But I endured and just kept my eyes closed when we were in traffic.

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