Play with Me

1/28/2007 08:08:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

Play With MePlay with Me by Janice Maynard

This anthology was pretty good. It was a nice quick read. There are three stories in the book. The premise in the prologue is that they are three best friends that just turn 29 and have made a pact to one another, that they act out a fantasy before they turn 30.

"Still Waters"
Catherine Maderis is a shy museum archivist. Her fantasy involves hunky Phillip Trent who has been asking her out for a while but she has never had the courage to say yes.

"Skin Deep"
Kallie Bradshaw is an artist. Her fantasy involves her long time friend, Beau Donovan. She has had a crush on him for years but has been afraid to ruin their friendship.

"Party Girl"
Gina McCutchen was a reputed party girl, but it was all a farce to hid her insecurities. Catherine and Kallie coerce her into taking a romantic cruise and having a shipboard fling. But when she gets onboard and finds that Trey Lipman is also on board she feels her trip is ruined. 6 years ago she had a thing for him and he turned her down in a very blunt way that has affected her actions ever since.



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