Tempting the Beast, Elizabeth's Wolf and Harmony's Way

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Tempting the Beast: Feline Breeds 1 Tempting the Beast by Lora Leigh
This is the first book in her Breed series. The Breed series is also split into three categories based on the animal (Feline Breeds, Wolf Breeds and Coyote Breeds). But this is the first of them all. You can get the reading order (as opposed to the series' orders) from Lora Leigh's site. They all take place in the same world and have some interaction with each other but this one gives the background for them all.

Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment, one of six fighting for freedom and the survival of their Pride. Merinus Tyler is the reporter who will tempt him, draw him, until the fury of the "mating frenzy" locks them into a battle of sexual heat they cannot escape.

The evil Genetics Council is hot on their trail. Leaving a trail of their own of deception and blood. Callan will use his strength to try and save them both...and do all in his power to keep his woman in the process.
(description from Ellora's Cave)

Elizabeth's Wolf
Elizabeth's Wolf by Lora Leigh
This is part of the Wolf Breed series but is actually the third in the overall reading order. I loved it. It has great romance as well as some suspense in it to round it out. Great book.

She brought him back from death and made him live again.
Dash thought himself alone, a soldier, a fighting machine and no more.
Elizabeth made him realize he was a man.
Danger surrounds the woman his soul marked as his mate, death and blood and a treachery that goes beyond even his worst nightmares. But he will protect her and what she claims as her own. He was created to kill, trained to do it efficiently, and only a man bound to her, heart and soul, will have the strength to save Elizabeth and her prized possession.

He was a lone wolf. A man alone. No pack, no family, no one to call his own until one single, innocent letter awoke Elizabeth's wolf.
(Description from Ellora's Cave)

Harmony's Way (Berkley Sensation)
Harmony's Way by Lora Leigh
I loved this book. I am loving the whole series so far and very much recommend it.

This book comes after the book Megan's Mark (which I loved). The hero is Megan's cousin, Lance Jacobs, who is the sheriff in Broken Butte, New Mexico. The heroine is Feline Breed, Harmony Lancaster. She is an assasin and has been since she was 5 years old. She was raised in the labs and used by them to kill unsuspecting targets. When she got old enough and strog enough she killed everyone in her lab and escaped. Now she is still an assasin, but now she kills people who prey on children. But her time is up, the Breed council needs to put her on a leash while they are trying to negotiate with the government. So she is captured and given an ultimatum, she lives in Broken Butte, NM as a Breed liason and keeps her nose clean for 6 months or she is executed.

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Comment by Kristie (J) on 1/28/2007 8:51 PM

I haven't read Lora Leigh yet but I do have Meagan's Mark and Harmony's Way in the TBR pile. I keep thinking I really must get to them since I hear they are pretty good.

Comment by Zeek on 1/30/2007 8:47 AM

I LOVE the breeds!

I have The third lion beed and Elizabeth's wolf coming to me and can't wait to read them! I think I've read all the others (even the anthologies) except for maybe one or two.

Yeah, I'm hooked.

Comment by nath on 1/30/2007 9:04 AM

I have Meagan's Mark in my TBR pile, just never got to read it... I should, I should :D and Harmony's way sounds really good :P I always loved those "assassin" books :P

Do we need to read all the books in order to understand? because I think that Tempting the Beast and Elizabeth's Wolf are going to be hard to find.

Comment by Kris on 1/30/2007 6:03 PM

Kristie, the books are great and I highly recommend them.

Zeek, I think that i am going to break down and buy Kiss of Heat, because I want to know their story, it is killing me.

nath, Megan's Mark was the first one I read as well. Reading Tempting the Beast helped to put the background of the book into perspective though. I don't know oif they need to be read in order, but readin the very first one kind of gives you a better handle on the rest of them. You can order the books through Ellora's Cave, Amazon.com or I ordered them from Borders if you have them in Canada. But you do need to read Megan's Mark before Harmony's Way. Because the hero in HW plays a big part in MM.

Comment by Zeek on 1/31/2007 8:55 AM

I read Elizabeth's Wolf Last night! I'm saving Kiss of heat for the weekend! (I like to have something good to curl up with on cold weekends!)

Comment by Kris on 2/01/2007 3:03 PM

Zeek, I am jealous you have kiss already :) How did you like EW?

Comment by Zeek on 2/05/2007 4:54 PM

I loved it, of course! I felt EW did much better in developing a plot then some of the others!

I finished Kiss of Heat and found it just as good as the first two. But I still think Tempting will always be my favorite because of Callan! yum

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