My January Reads part 2 (contemps and stuff)

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Eye of the Storm by Dee Davis (B-)

Everyone has skeletons in the closet, but Simone Cooper Sheridan's involve secret CIA operations in the steamy jungles of South America. Now, after years of disguising her true identity, she's finally come face-to-face with her previous life.
Reece Sheridan knows that a smart man doesn't think with his heart. After all, he is the one who divorced Simone, when their marriage just couldn't overcome her mysterious past. But he's never gotten over her.
Now Simone's secrets have captured the two of them in a deadly game with a ticking clock . . . and nothing can tear him from her side.

His Little Black Book
by Thea Devine (C+)
At a swanky café in midtown Manhattan, three twentysomething gals convene to discuss how to achieve their ultimate fantasy: becoming lusciously sexy, irresistibly seductive mistresses to supremely wealthy older men. Founders of their very own Mistress Club -- Brooke, a confident brunette; Delia, a feisty blond sexpot; and MJ, an ambitious, red-haired siren -- have sworn off unsatisfying one-night stands, vowing to take control of their sex lives. And thanks to Brooke, they have a set of guidelines for becoming elegant mistresses of sin ... Despite the rules, each woman falls for a sexy man who gets what he wants -- when he wants it -- without giving anything in return. That is, until Brooke finds her way into the coveted pages of a high-powered businessman's little black book -- opening the door for her and her friends to a hedonistic world of pleasure and passion that may be more than they bargained for....

Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast by Myrna Mackenzie (B+)
A beautiful woman. . .
in need of a protector. On a wintry night on the Chicago streets, Molly Delavan unexpectedly went into labor and was rescued by a mysterious Good Samaritan who vanished before she could thank him. On the run from her greedy ex-fiancé, Molly wanted to start living her own life, on her own terms. But she owed her rescuer, Seth McCabe, a debt of gratitude. One that she was determined to repay
A dark stranger. . .
in need of redemption. Seth walked the city alone at night, a reporter who jealously guarded his privacy. He'd seen enough of what love could do and wanted no part of it ever again. But Molly just might change all that. Vulnerable and in danger, the lovely young mother needed help, and Seth found himself drawn to her, despite his determination to avoid her. Molly brought sunlight into his darkness--but could a man who had lost everything hope to reclaim his heart?

Confesions of a Wicked Woman
by Susanna Carr (B)
GOOD "BAD GIRL"… This is the reason Stephanie Monroe ran away from small-town America in the first place—this insane sense of buttoned-up propriety that's managed to get her thrown in jail. It's not her fault people can't tell the difference between her haute couture and lady-of-the-evening wear! But now, after several citizen complaints, Stephanie finds herself booked by one of Mayfield's finest…and finest is definitely the word. Everything about Jack Logan, from his strong jaw to the way he wears his holster, is irresistibly appealing. And now, the biggest temptation in town—a man in uniform—is resurrecting Stephanie's long-buried, apple-pie good girl…and she needs to do something about it fast…
…MEETS "GOOD" BAD BOY It took a lot of hard work for Sheriff Jack Logan to turn away from his bad boy past and become the voice of authority and integrity in this town. So far, he's managed to keep that devilish wild streak buried beneath his badge and his duty. But the minute he looks into Stephanie's eyes, he knows he's in trouble. The big-city lady fights back with a style he admires, even if he suspects that bad-girl come-hither walk is nothing but an act. More and more, Jack can't decide whether to drag her across the city limits or into his bed. One thing's for sure—the longer she stays in town, the more ready this reformed bad boy is to shed his uniform and show Stephanie a whole new side to serve and protect…

Secrets and Lies
by Selena Montgomery (B-)

She just witnessed her uncle's murder, she's running for her life, and now Dr. Katelyn Lyda is face-to-face with a breathtaking man who could be her salvation. Tall, sexy, his eyes full of mysterious promises, he seems to have the answer she needs.
It's too bad Sebastian Caine is one of the bad guys . . .
A "recovery specialist" skilled at separating prized possessions from their owners, Sebastian is after an ancient relic. But he reconsiders the job when he finds himself staring at the wrong end of a gun. The beautiful lady with her finger on the trigger seems to have everything he needs—and not just the artifact. Sebastian's conscience has never bothered him before—but then he has never wanted any woman more.
With her life in jeopardy, Kat wonders how far she can trust Sebastian Caine . . . how long she can resist him . . . and dare she fall in love?

Business or Pleasure by Julie Hogan (B)
Daisy Kincaid had finally given up. Her gorgeous playboy boss was never going to reciprocate her feeelings and turn her secret crush into a real-time love affair, leaving her no choice but to quit. Now Alec Mackenzie had asked her to work on-site with him for one last project. How could she say no? Especially with her body saying "Yes!"
Winning was everything for Alec. And with Daisy the key to his dream deal, he'd do anything to get her back. But when had his skilled assistant turned into such a seductive temptress? And how as he going to handle the weeks of working closely with her?
Alec might be playing to win, but he was in very real danger of losing his heart!

The Stranger I Married by Sylvia Day (A)
Lady Pelham could not have designed a husband more suited to her needs. The Marquess of Grayson is a dear and enchanting friend and an unrepentant ladies' man. Their union is solid; their hearts safe from one another. But every marriage has its surprises...

They are London's most scandalous couple. Isabel, Lady Pelham, and Gerard Faulkner, Marquess of Grayson, are well matched in all things--their lusty appetites, constant paramours, wicked wits, provocative reputations, and their absolute refusal ever to ruin their marriage of convenience by falling in love with one another. Isabel knows such a charming rake will never appeal to her guarded heart, nor will she sway his philandering one. It is a most agreeable sham...until a shocking turn of events sends Gerard from her side.
Now, four years later, Gerard has come home to Isabel. But the carefree, boyish rogue who left has been replaced by a brooding, powerful, irresistible man who is determined to seduce his way into her affections. Gone is the devil-may-care companion who shared her friendship and nothing more, and in his place is temptation itself...a husband who desires Isabel body and soul and who will stop at nothing to win her love. No, this is not at all the man she had married. But he is the man who might finally steal her heart...

The Pleasure Seekers
by Rochelle Alers (A-) This is not an anthology but all three women's stories are told.
Ilene is a captivatingly beautiful supermodel, Faye is an award-winning advertising executive and Alana is a brilliant editor for today's hottest fashion magazine. Now all three women are caught in the whirlwind of the super rich and famous. They find themselves the objects of the desires of every man--from movie stars, politicians, CEOs and rock stars to European royalty--men for whom there are no limits, nothing is too expensive, nothing is forbidden.

From Manhattan to Paris to Southampton, their new worlds are a torrent of sensual delights and unlimited luxuries. But ultimately they realize that there's only one thing more satisfying than money and power…love.

Take Me
by Cherry Adair (A-) There is an interesting twist...they are already married, he just does not know it.
Business exec Joshua Falcon is used to getting his own way in the boardroom - and in the bedroom. And when he meets gorgeous Jessie Adams at a party, he wants her. NOW. NAKED in his four-poster. Together the two of them could have a hot sexual affair - with no commitments. She's his for the taking...
That suits Jessie to a T. Long nights of incredible sex. No ties. All she wants is a baby by the man she's always secretly hungered for...and then she's moving on. Except Jessie and Joshua share a surprising past. One that is about to take them where they never expected to go...

Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood (A)
The next in the Buchanan books (Slow Burn, Murder List, Mercy and Heartbreaker)
Jordan Buchanan is thrilled that her brother and best friend are tying the knot. The wedding is a lavish affair–for the marriage of Dylan Buchanan and Kate MacKenna is no ordinary occasion. It represents the joining of two family dynasties. The ceremony and reception proceed without a hitch–until a crasher appears claiming to be a MacKenna guest. The disheveled and eccentric professor of medieval history warns that there’s “bad blood” between the couple’s clans, stemming from an ancient feud that originated in Scotland, and involving the Buchanan theft of a coveted MacKenna treasure.
Jordan has always led a cautious life and has used her intelligence and reason to become a successful businesswoman. So she is intrigued but skeptical of the professor’s claims that the feud has been kept alive by the grave injustices the Buchanans have perpetrated over the centuries. But when Noah Clayborne, a close family friend and a man who has never let a good time or a pretty girl pass him by, accuses Jordan of being trapped in her comfort zone, she determines to prove him wrong and sets out on a spontaneous adventure to the small, dusty town of Serenity, Texas, to judge the professor’s research for herself.
Maneuvering through a close-knit community in which everyone knows everyone else’s business, Jordan never anticipates the danger and intrigue that lie in her path, nor the threat that will shadow her back to Boston, where even in familiar surroundings, her life is at risk.
A powerful thug who rules by fear, a man who harbors a simmering secret, and an unexpected romance that pierces all defenses–beloved author Julie Garwood weaves these dazzling elements into a brilliant novel of romantic suspense. Shadow Dance is a searing tango of passion and peril.

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Thanks for the tips, I can't wait to read The Stranger I Married and I'll definitely have to pick up Shadow Dance

Comment by Jenster on 2/07/2007 10:07 PM

I just bought Slow Burn today. I'm going to try to wait for Shadow Dance to come out in PB before I buy it. I am anxious to read Noah's story, though.

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