Hitting the Mark and Bound by Marriage

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Hitting The Mark (Harlequin Blaze)
Hitting the Mark by Jill Monroe

This was a very cute book. I liked the fact that the heroine was part of a shady family and used to do it herself. It makes her less of a goody two-shoes. This is one that I recommend if you want a quick contemporary read, it is not very long, but it is fun.

Book Description:
With grifters hanging from every branch of her family tree, Danni Ford was trying to do the impossible--play it straight. Until an undercover G-man played her with a few tricks of his own…

The tip-off should have been the way Eric's gaze met hers only when they talked dirty.

So Eric was using her to trap her shady relatives. He was still off-the-charts sexy--why shouldn't she get something pleasurable from this con…?

Danni's revenge is going to be very, very sweet…and it will start with tying up her FBI agent boyfriend con man to get to the truth. Before he discovers her secrets first!

Bound By Marriage (Silhouette Desire)Bound by Marriage by Nalini Singh

I started reading Ms Singh when Slave to Sensation came out, because I loved it so much. And as I am writing this I am realizing that I read her book, Secrets of the Marriage Bed, but apparently never wrote about it. (It was good.) This one I liked but I think that I liked Secrets better. The hero in this one bothered me. I counld not identify or sympathize with him at all until the end of hte book. He was just a stone man until then and that bugged me. She kept trying and I was telling her to giveup already. It was a good read, and it may just be my mood at the time, but that was my experience with it. I think that I am going to try it again another time.

Book Description:
How else to describe the pact Jessica Randall had made with wealthy New Zealand rancher Gabe Dumont? In exchange for marriage and an heir, he would save her family property. The agreement was calculating, completely devoid of any tenderness, just like the man himself.

Their relationship was supposed to be a simple arrangement. Instead, it was fraught with secrets and mistrust, jealousy and ultimatums--emotions that wouldn't allow her to maintain the distance she needed. Worse, the sizzling attraction between them made this marriage of convenience decidedly inconvenient.



Comment by Jill Monroe on 2/25/2007 8:53 PM

Glad you liked it. Hitting The Mark was a lot of fun to write.

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