Loving Evangeline and Against the Rules

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Loving Evangeline
Loving Evangeline by Linda Howard
This is the sequel to Duncan's Bride that I read a while ago. I had already read these but never in order and I do not think that I realized they were related at the time. So I was revisiting. I think I liked Duncan's Bride better only for the fact that I don't know if I could forgive Robert for everything that he did if it was me. She's a better person than me.
I do not like writing summaries so I borrowed this one.

"Robert Cannon has developed his computer software company into one of the most successful in the industry, often working on highly confidential, government contracts. Cannon uncovers proof of corporate espionage. When he contacts the FBI, it is revealed they have already been investigating the sales of classified software from Cannon's corporation to foreign governments. The FBI's only trail leads to Evie Shaw.
Cannon's determination to handle his own investigation leads him Evie Shaw's small hometown in Alabama. From the picture provided by the FBI, it should not be too difficult for one of New York City's most powerful and successful bachelors to seduce this female, hick, wrestler into admitting her treasonous activities and conspirators. But is everything as it really appears? When he sees her for the first time, she is nothing that he expects. As he tries to untangle the conspiracy, he gets caught up in his own manipulations. He begins questioning the facts and his reasons for spending so much time with her. Is she a traitorous spy or just an unsuspecting victim…… "

Christa Heins (www.allreaders.com)

Against the Rules
Against the Rules by Linda Howard
My library had this one on their sale rack and i had not read it so I grabbed it. Linda is always a good read and it was $.50 what is not to like.
Well, it is not my favorite by her but it was not bad. The two things that annoyed me while I was reading this was one, the hero's name, Rule Jackson. Now this is not a horrible name but I have heard so much from many people about a hero named Jackson Rule by Dinah McCall that I kept calling him that through most of the book and had to keep correcting myself. The other thing that bugged me was the hero himself to some extent. He was so controlling, I do not blame the chick for leaving home as soon as possible if he was canceling her dates and spanked her for disobeying him when she was 17. I ended up liking this book but he annoyed me until about halfway through the book then I was able to see past his arrogance

Years after losing a battle of wills with Rule Jackson, Cathryn Ashe returns from the city with a determination to come out on top as Rule's new boss, but she soon discovers that she has more than her pride at stake.



Comment by Nicole on 4/28/2007 12:51 AM

How is it possible that I love LH so much and have NEVER even heard of these two books? lol.

Okay so spankings at 17? How was this even possible? Was he her gaurdian or something? Was it supposed to be kinky? lol.

Comment by Kris on 4/28/2007 8:50 AM

He was not her guardian, but he was running the ranch that she lived on since she was 10 and her father died. He was punishng her for something she did that he did not like. I cannot remember exactly why.

Comment by Chantal on 4/30/2007 11:55 AM

I have never a LH book. How bad is that?
I'm taking the kids to the libaray today, so I'll pick up a few while I'm there.

Comment by Zeek on 4/30/2007 12:28 PM

Yeah Robert is pretty shitty. Alot of people will have a hard time with his ruthlessness, but what I love is she proves him wrong and he has to swallow the fact he was wrong- for an alpha that's the worst punishment you can give them ... and I still love the ending when he lets loose of his controls on himself .

I didn't like Against the Rules too much either ...

Comment by Kris on 4/30/2007 7:13 PM

chantal- linda Howard is very good, I love her books. There are very few that I am not crazy about these are probably two of them. I love her suspense books (Kill and Tell, All the Queen's Men, Kiss Me While I Sleep - her John Medina books)(her Mackenzie series is excellent straight romance, I love the heroes in those - they are not overbearing Neaderthals)(To Die For and Drop Dead gorgeous, are funny with some suspense)

zeek- yea, I am not alone in not liking these two very much. ;)

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