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This week has been insane. And I had no internet at home. So I am so behind on alot of my online bloghopping and such. I have internet at work but many of the sights are blocked or I just cannot comment on them because of the filter at work. But my connection is currently back, so YEAH!! I have so many books to catch up on. Because since i could not get online, guess what I was doing...too much reading. Well here is one post to get me started.

Warlord (Book 3 in the Chronicles of the Warlands) by Elizabeth Vaughn

This was a good ending for the trilogy. There might be more stories from this world but not from this couple. In case you did not read them the first two books are Warprize and Warsworn. The story is a romance that is also a fantasy. The trilogy as a whole I thought was a great read. There were some slow points but the rest I thought was very enjoyable.

Lara of Xy and her Warlord, Keir of the Cat, have been through much together. Lara abandoned her lands and people for love of him. She adopted his ways and learned of his tribe. Together they have faced plague and insurgency -- and despite these struggles, they have known happiness and joy.

Now they face their most arduous task: Keir must take Lara into the Heart of the Plains, and introduce her as the Warprize to the warrior-priests. She must be tested--questioned, examined, watched--and must find favor with the warrior-priests and the tribe’s elders before they will confirm her as a true Warprize.

But in Lara's heart there are doubts--for what if she is found wanting? Will Keir give up everything he knows to be with his Warprize?



Comment by Marg on 4/27/2007 6:04 AM

I really should hurry up and read the first book in this series!

Comment by nath on 4/27/2007 9:21 AM

Hey i'm glad you're back Kris! I miss you! Happy you finsihed the series... I hope she'll write more of it. Don't you think it's a bit open tho, the ending?

Comment by Kris on 4/27/2007 10:10 AM

Hey marg!

Hey nath, I do not think so. did you read her afterward at the end of Warlord. She said this was the last one for Xylara nad Keir but that she has another story itching to be told.

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