The Beast in Him

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The Beast in Him (Pride, Book 2)
The Beast in Him (The Pride Book 2) by Shelly Laurenston
Some things are so worth waiting for. Like the moment when Jessica Ward "accidentally" bumps into Bobby Ray Smith and shows him just how far she's come since high school. Back then, Jess's gangly limbs and bruised heart turn to jelly any time Smitty's "all the better to ravish you with" body came near her. So, some things haven't changed. Except now Jess is a success on her own terms. And she can enjoy a romp-or twenty-with a big, bad wolf and walk away. Easy. The sexy, polished CEO who hires Smitty's security firm might be a million miles from the loveable geek he knew, but her kiss, her touch, is every bit as hot as he imagined. Jess was never the kind to ask for help, and she doesn't want it now, not even with someone targeting her Pack. But Smitty's not going to turn tail and run. Not before proving that their sheet-scorching animal lust is only the start of something even wilder…

This is listed as book 2 in the Pride series but her Pack series is in the same world just a different family. Because the H and h of the Pack story, Zach and Sara from Pack Challenge, make an appearance in this one as well. The first story in this series is The Mane Event.
Well, on to the story. I enjoyed this one. This world is interesting because the females are very violent and that is very different from most books that I read. The sex can be kind of violent as well, but it was not demeaning or abusive. They just like rough sex. The story was fun, old friends reunited and the girl pretends to not remember the guy. Funny stuff. Some of the characters though seem a little over the top, aggressive wise and quick to anger wise. The jump into every thing with their fists/claws. I understand that is their world, it just is a lot to swallow sometimes.
The good things: Jessica (Jessie Ann) is a lot of fun. She is a geek and I love geek characters. She enjoys it and does not want to change, but wants to be a strong geek. She does well with that goal. She stand up for herself and can hold her own. I laughed about her fantasy analogies that totally lost Bobby Rae (Smitty), I am a fantasy geek at heart. I loved how he appreciated and enjoyed her quirks and personality and learned from her to have fun and relax.
I enjoyed the book and will continue to read the series. I like the world that Ms Laurenston has created. The next book is Sissy's and I am looking forward to that, mainly because she bugs me and I want to see her get smacked down a little, if it happens. Or something is shown that I can like about her (besides her sticking up for her brother).

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Comment by Rowena on 5/11/2008 2:31 PM

This sounds pretty good..I'm putting it on my list of books to read when I'm in a paranormal mood.

I like geek characters too! =)

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