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5/04/2008 10:11:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

This week has been a little tough. I have a family friend that last week went to the doctor because she had a cold that she could not get rid of. Turns out she had pneumonia, stinks but not horrible, right. Well they did some blood work and the reason she had pneumonia and could not get rid of it was that she had leukemia. Because of the pneumonia her doctors said that her chance of survival was slim. They were trying to get her a bed at Moffett Cancer Center and said if they could get her there and start treatment then her chances of survival went up. However, Moffett had no beds available. The family has been calling all week and no beds. So they tried Shands, and same problem, no beds. Now it has been a week and she has been put into Hospice at the hospital. She is in her mid 60s and her children and everyone have said good bye and everyone is now just waiting. She is the sister of my mom's best friend, I used to go to her house growing up for holidays occasionally and this is just sad and frustrating that nothing can be done.

Sorry for the sad post, I just had to vent a little. Thanks.



Comment by Holly on 5/05/2008 12:48 AM

Oh Kris, I'm sorry! :( That's really rough.

BIG HUGS to you and her family!

Comment by Jenster on 5/05/2008 7:17 AM

That is very sad. I'm so sorry.

It's pretty scary when you think she would have had a better chance if they could have found a bed for her but there weren't any available.

Comment by Stacy~ on 5/05/2008 7:35 AM

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, and that they weren't able to start treatment right away for her. I'll be thinking of you and her family. Hugs, Kris.

Comment by nath on 5/05/2008 9:30 AM

I'm so sorry for your, your family and her family. It's so sad and it sucks that they couldn't find a bed. At least, she has time to say goodbye to everyone.

Comment by Bev(QB) on 5/05/2008 12:18 PM

Ah, Kris. I'm so sorry to hear that. The whole thing must alternate between seeming surreal and all too real.

My heart goes out to you and her family.

Comment by Rowena on 5/05/2008 9:31 PM

Oh this is sad, I'm so sorry Kris...I'll keep your friend in my prayers!

Comment by Kris on 5/05/2008 10:05 PM

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated. She is still hanging on at the moment. It is just frustrating trying not to play the "What if.." game.

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