Warrior and Dr. Horrible

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If you have not seen Dr. Horrible yet, you have to check it out. The full title is Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. There are three acts each about 15 minutes long. And (Zeek with love this) it was created by Joss Whedon. It will only stay online until Sunday then you have to buy it from i-tunes. The third act will be released on Saturday. It is a mini-musical with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. It is awesome, check it out!!
I also wanted to say that Emily and I are doing fine. I appreciate all of you thoughts and prayers for us. Hubby and I are enjoying our time with her before our other two come home on Saturday.

Warrior: The Time...
Warrior (Time Hunters Book 1) by Angela Knight
In the 24th century, anyone can leap through time at will. To police the time jumpers, the Temporal Enforcement Agency has established a precinct in time. Galar Arvid is a genetically altered warlord and agent who’s been sent back to 2008 to save a pretty Atlanta artist from a Xeran time traveler who intends to kill her for profit. What Galar doesn’t count on is the powerful desire Jessica Kelly ignites in him. But could a romance between them work? A three-hundred-year chasm separates them and, even if they dart through time, there’s still a maniacal killer on their tails.

The characters in this story are interesting. It takes place in the same world as Jane's Warlord and the story "Warfem" (from the Kick @$$ anthology; both stories can also be found released together in the book Warlord). The hero from this book is actually the son of Baird and Alina from "Warfem". Jane and Baran's daughter Riane is in this book, but this is not her story.
I liked it, but I also liked Jane's Warlord and many others did not. Very hot, and fast paced storyline.

Update: According to Angela Knight's blog, the second book is not going to be Enforcer (Dona and Alerio's story) like it says in the back of the book. That one is going to be the third book. The second book she is still writing and will be called Guardian, it will be Riane and Nick's story (we have not met Nick yet). Also she says that the series was originally supposed to be five books but she has changed to to three.

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Comment by Zeek on 7/17/2008 3:00 PM

Holy Crap! Thanks for brining this to my attention!!!!

Comment by Seneca on 7/18/2008 1:38 PM

I have only read one book from that author and I disliked it enough not to want anything else by her.

I do see her books everywhere though.

Comment by Jill D. on 7/18/2008 3:58 PM

Hi Kris,

I have Warrior on my TBR list. I really enjoyed Jane's Warlord and I am so happy Ms. Knight decided to revisit this world.

Seneca, Which book was it you didn't like? I read the first of her Master series and I didn't enjoy it, but I read Jane's Warlord and thought that book was great.

Comment by Seneca on 7/18/2008 6:11 PM

Uh, that would be Jane's Warlord. lol This is what I had to say about it,

I did have some others by the author in my TBR, but I ended up giving them away on Freecycle, unread.

Comment by Kris on 7/19/2008 10:05 AM

I have read many by her and i like her (though there are a couple that are just meh for me). I have enjoyed most of her mageverse series and a few of her others.

Jill - if you liked Jane's Warlord then you should like this one as well.

Seneca - Sorry you did not like that one. But I guess everyone has books that do not click with them. PS my email addy is froggykm @ gmail

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