Heart Dance

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Heart Dance (Celta's HeartMates, Book 6) Heart Dance by Robin D. Owens

DuFleur Thyme is a scientist who's secretly experimenting with time. She'll allow no distractions from her work-not even from a HeartMate. Meanwhile, Saille T'Willow has sent his HeartGift out into the world in hopes of finding his HeartMate, who, it turns out, is DuFleur. Still, DuFleur wants nothing to do with Saille, especially when she discovers that it was his grandmother who brought about her father's ruin. Unfortunately, her body can't help but submit to the passion he stirs in her. But when a scandal threatens Saille's position as head of the family, will DuFleur stand by his side?

This is the sixth book in the series and I love this series. It is a great story and told in a really great world. The characters that have evolved and been born in this series are wonderful. I highly recommend if you have not read them and enjoy fantasy romance. The first in the series is called Heart Mate. The only other one I have posted about is the previous book, Heart Quest.

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Comment by Robin D Owens on 4/13/2008 11:10 PM

WOW, thanks! As you can see, I've been lagging behind in googling myself etc.

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