The One I Want

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The One I WantThe One I Want by Nancy Warren

Lucky for Chloe Flynt, everyone knows it's harder to get out of a bad relationship than it is to get in one. But when it comes to hot, steamy, long-lasting passion, even Chloe is at a loss—until this British playgirl comes face to face with a true-blue Texas cowboy who tempts her to toss away her commitment phobic habits one and for all for a walk down the aisle...
Falling in love is much harder than breaking up...
With three broken engagements under her oh, so fashionable belt, it's high time London party girl Chloe Flynt gets a job. Unfortunately, Chloe isn't exactly qualified for anything, except dumping a Mr. Wrong or two (or three!) with a little dignity. Realizing she needs a new beginning, she lands in Austin, Texas and opens a company breaking up bad relationships.
Too bad Chloe's tall, tough-talking and take-charge landlord, Matthew Tanner, isn't interested in her expertise. Because anyone can see that his girlfriend is clearly all wrong for him. Not that Chloe cares. She and Matthew have nothing in common—other than mind-blowing attraction, that is. But when his girlfriend requests Chloe's services, all hell breaks loose. If there's one thing Chloe knows for sure, it's that just because she's good at breaking up bad relationships doesn't mean she has a talent for putting together good ones. Maybe it's finally time she gives it a try...

It took me a while to get into this one because the heroine was very different. It took half the book before I started to be able to connect with her. She was too much party girl in the beginning for me to like her but then she grew on me. I liked the storyline very much, it was different. But (I knew you saw that coming) the characters were a little flat for me. I did like her and him but they never fully fleshed out for me.



Comment by Stacy~ on 6/24/2008 7:21 AM

I've only read one Nancy Warren, about a librarian, some years ago. Sorry this one didn't work so much for you.

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