His Chosen Bride

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Dreamscapes: His Chosen Bride
His Chosen Bride by Marcia Evanick

I really enjoyed this one. It was different. An arranged marriage with a paranormal twist, they are both witches. True magic is genetic and the witches and warlocks are becoming barren so those who have been tested as being fertile are betrothed to one another by the Council. (They actually have a very high success rate record, very few who have been paired by them get divorced.) They are betrothed to one another when she is 13 and he is 16 then do not see each other again until she is 25 and they are getting ready to be married. This was a different book for me so I liked that part and it was enjoyable to read.

Tenderhearted Gillian Barnett agreed to marry a virtual stranger to fulfill a long-ago promise. Powerful warlock Mason Blacksword was the epitome of Gillian's every fantasy, but although he knew as well as she did that the terms of their marriage required making a baby, he refused to be a father!
It was bad enough Mason was honor-bound to marry a woman who'd been chosen for him, but having fatherhood foisted upon him was even worse! It wasn't what he wanted, yet just being near Gillian made him long for a closeness sure to bring ruin to them both . . . Unleashing a passion greater than even his powerful magic could withstand.

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