One Real Cowboy

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One Real Cowboy (Zebra Debut)
One Real Cowboy by Janette Kenny
I really enjoyed this one. I do not read westerns often, but this one was a really good one. I am usually not a fan of pretend marriages but I really got engrossed in this one and wanted to finish it. I do recommend this one. She is a debut author so the book is cheaper than usual and that was lovely as well (my Wally world had it for like $3).

Cord Tanner has a very simple plan: get paid to be Beatrix Northroupe's husband for a month so the prim, but very sexy, Englishwoman can gain rightful ownership to her family's stud farm. Money in hand, he's going to get as far away from Revolt, Kansas, as a fast horse can take him.
But Cord soon finds that he admires his Trixie's reckless courage--not to mention she's one great kisser. Maybe he's crazy to hope for a real future with her instead of heading for the hills, but now that someone's staking a dangerous claim to her farm, Cord's decided to stick around as long as the lady needs protecting. That wedding ring he put on her finger means her reputation is safe--and he's determined to win her heart. Cord Tanner may not be the most refined man on the frontier, but he sure is the lovingest...

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Comment by Chantal on 3/22/2007 9:20 PM

I saw this one at the store, but I picked up something else instead. If I see it again the next time I'm out, then I'll get it.

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